14 Basic Psychological Tricks Which Can Help You Get Things That You Need


Psychological tricks to achieve your goals-You should know some psychological tricks to increases your chances to get a job or making your child eat vegetables and for many more things.

Here we will show you that by using the psychological tricks in the correct way can help you look more attractive in front of others and will also help you to achieve your goals.

Here are some of the psychological tricks to achieve your goals

14 Psychological tricks to achieve your goals

  • If your child is not eating many vegetables, then let them choose the veggies of their choice. Like you can say that you want to eat their cauliflower and give them time to decide to eat more or fewer pieces of it. We know that they will choose the rarer pieces, but they may love it and enjoy their meal use this one of the psychological tricks to achieve your goals.
  • Always try to find a moment when you want to ask anything from a person for something. When you want to ask for a day off from your boss, then try to ask him at the end of the day. A person who wants to deal with such questions faster is more likely to give you want you to want.
  • Our body and mind get connected. Henrik Fexeus, an expert of Swedish body language, believes that a person can make yourself experience for specific emotions. You can try clench or frowning your teeth if you need to become angry and then focus on something for around ten seconds. Very soon, you will start feeling that you are angry.

  • It may seem to be trivial at you, but you should not neglect it. You should pay attention to your appearance when you are going for the job interview. It has get scientifically proven that people who are more physically attractive get believed to be more intelligent.
  • If there is an annoying song that gets stuck in your head, then you should try to remember the few last lines of the song. Zeigarnik effect explains that people forget the complete tasks much faster than the unfinished works.
  • If you want the person to like you during the arguments, you can say these phrases in your mind during your conversation. The phrases are “I value your opinion even if I disagree with you” and “I like you.”
  • You may feel insecure with the phrases like ” think,” “it seems t me,” and “In my opinion.” So it is best for you if you do not use these phrases in a conversation or an argument.

  • To start a romantic story, the final date is the best. When you are going on a date, and you want your partner to like you, then you should choose a place which will make your partner feel a rush of adrenaline. For example, the sites may include a guest room, a rollercoaster, or a horror movie.
  • If there is something complicated and you need to understand it then try to explain the problematic thing to someone else. During explaining the situation, you are more likely to realize that something you did not understand before explaining.
  • If you know that someone is talking to you about something, then do not interrupt the person with the phrase “I know that.” You should listen to the person completely and listen to the whole story. It will help you make a good impression on others, and the persons are more likely to like you.
  • We know that to get something big in your life, we need to start with a small thing. You should ask your friend for the small favor first of you want to ask for a big favor. This trick will also work in the other way.
  • If you do not want to do a boring job, then pretend that you are doing something exciting and in this way, you will be more likely to find more work.

  • If you do a favor to someone and they are thankful to you. Then you should say “of course, friends are here to help each other” instead of saying “no problem.”
  • There is so much non-verbal communication when you shake hands — this non-verbal communication you should not underestimate. You should keep your hand in an equally vertical position with your friend while shaking hand.