Recommendations By Stylists To Keep Our Hair Clean And Long


More times you wash your hair, the faster it becomes greasy. According to the Kim Kardashian’s advice, you can wash your hair once in five days. However, the stylists will tell you other tricks and secrets for your hair.

We have collected nine tips according to the stylists that help you to make your hair fresh for more days and full longer.

You need to apply shampoo like a professional

  • Check out the water temperature that must be comfortable for you to wash yours strengthens. Stand in the shower for some time and let your hair gets thoroughly wet.
  • Then squeeze out the shampoo equals to the size of the large coin onto your hands. Moreover, apply the shampoo to your hair in the circular motion. While applying the shampoo, move your hands from the top of your hair to the bottom.
  • It takes less time than rinsing your hair. The stylists recommend washing your hair for the five minutes. If the shampoo left in your hair, it can cause dull hair colour and also dandruff appears in your hair.
  • In the end, rinse your hair with the cold water. It will strengthen the hair cuticles and your hair will be able to keep more moisture for a long time and will shine more.


Plan your hairstyles

If we plan different hairstyles every day, it increases the complications that let us wash our hair less frequently. So our hair looks amazing every day.


Sage Herb tincture

Tinctures consist herbs that fight well against the greasy hair. Moreover, the sage controls the sebaceous glands that soothe the skin and treats inflammation. You need four tsp of dry sage to mix it with one glass of water. Just like ordinary tea, you can also brew the sage. When it cools down, rinse your hair properly with this mixture and after that wash your hair with the cold water.


Set your washing schedule

You have to change your habit to wash your hair every day. The intensity of sebaceous glands declines as the time passes So that there is no need to restore the skin balance after washing your hair every day. So you need to change your habit slowly.


Before a workout, use dry shampoo.

Always use the dry shampoo before going to a workout. Using it afterwards is of no use because your hair becomes greasy. So before your workout or exercises, use the dry shampoo so that it will absorb all the sweat during your workout.


Schedule the pillowcase

It is good for our hair to sleep on the clean pillows. Pillowcases absorb epidermal cells and the old makeup as the time passes and create the good environment for bacteria. So we need to change the pillowcases at least once a week. Moreover, you would better do it twice a week if your hair is greasy.


Use hair lemonade

A lemonade helps your hair to fight against excessive greasiness. It also keeps your hair fresh and maintains its volume. Your hair shines naturally. It’s very easy to prepare a lemonade. Squeeze one lemon and mix it’s juice with one glass of water then rinse your hair with this mixture. Do not directly put all the mixture into your hair. Pour it slowly and massage your hair with the other hand.


Bring up great hairstyles.

The hairstylists keep their hair fresh longer. To keep your hair clean, make a high ponytail or a bun if you are at home. Before going out, let your hair down. This trick will add some volume to your hair.


You have to deep care for the skin on your head.

You also need to care for the skin on your head along with with your har. You use heavy skin care products for the hair ends like masks, balms, and conditioner. We recommend you to apply head skin masks in pair with deep peeling. If your skin is hydrated, it will not produce excessive sebum. I suggest you not to use the mask on the top of your head. Apply it only on your hair parts and massage your skin.