Some Recreated Photos From The Old Days That Connect Grandchildren With Their Family’s History


Hello, friends (and the over-used pun continues),

Recreated photos from the old days-Before reading the article dig out your family albums and get ready to relate. You may have listened to your relatives comparing your features, your mannerisms and anything at all with a whole lot of other family members.

Sometimes they are right and the other times they are horribly inaccurate. But today I’m here to prove those annoying relatives right.  You would not be able to believe your eyes when you see the extent of resemblance these family members share.

So prepare your mind to boggle and give a feast to your eyes.  Without further ado, here is a collection of photos of the family members that have a very close resemblance with their loved ones:

Recreated Photos From The Old Days

Grand-daughter cosplaying her grandmother

Some Recreated Photos From The Old Days That Connect Grandchildren  With Their Family's History

Fabulous isn’t it. Both of these women bear a huge congruity with each other, and let’s be honest, they look as gorgeous as it can get.  From the beautiful eyes to those pouty lips, the similarity unbelievable.

Acting out her grandparent’s wedding day

Recreated Photos From The Old Days

Well, this looks super fun and sweet. Look at both the ladies adorned with their wedding dresses and looking oh so happy and lovely.

Recreating a photo of his great-great-grandfather

Isn’t it just wonderful to see that these similarities go so far back in the past? The beard, the nose, the hair and even the tuxedos, everything is way too alike. They had to be the fashion icon of their time.

Lincoln still lives in his 11th generation offspring

Lincoln still lives in our hearts and will never be forgotten. This image is too splendid to draw in words.

Grand-daughter and grandma

Both of these women have crossed the borderline of cuteness. Although the grandma looks more happening(just saying *winks*).

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Grand-daughter and grandmother both at the age of 20

Except for the hairstyle, the resemblance is breathtaking. Why are the grandmas rocking more than their little ones?

Grandma on the left and grand-daughter on the right

Their smiles just made my day. The similarity is way too much to overlook. They look adorable, don’t they?

The stylish duo of grand-daughter and grandmother

Whoa! The fashion quotient just hit the roof. In the fifties, this grandma was as beautiful as her grand-daughter.

Another grandma and grand-daughter pair

Women are just killing it today.

Grandpa giving a huge competition to his grandson

Oh, the looks! Can you find a difference?

Great-great-grandmother and her great grand-daughter

Oh, the adorable little munchkins. Both of them are so alike. The smile is exactly the same.

Great grand-dad and his great-grandson

I guess style is passed in their family. Both men are very handsome and of course very similar looking.

Great-great-grandpa looks dashing

The competition between the two is high.

Oona Chaplin and her grandfather

She definitely inherited the looks and talent from her grandfather.

Grandma and grand-daughter, 60 years difference in between

I just can’t! They are far too adorable. Can I please keep this photo?

Mother and daughter

There had to be a pair like this in the list. They have the same eyes! You might also have seen many such duos of mothers and daughters who are exactly the mirror image of the other. Do you relate? Well, I do, as many of my friends and relatives have pointed it out to us.

Grandpa at seventy and grandson at forty

Except for the attire they look alike to a great extent.

Are you also digging your family photos now? Please don’t tell me that I am the only one. Go on, may you find your twin *chuckles*. Do not forget to make your own recreation photo with your family member. I love such collages. Also, share your resemblance stories with us in the comments and I am really eager to read them. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and ask them to do the same.

Did you enjoy the resemblance journey? I surely did. See you soon.