Not So Obvious Habits That Can Give You Wrinkles


Habits that can give you wrinkles-How much money have you spent on beauty products to give you that younger looking skin with no trace of wrinkles? Now even after applying such products, things may not go down your way. It is not just because of the inefficiency of those products but rather because of some habits of yours that do not let go of the wrinkles. Read the list to find out if you have any of these habits and you will be surprised. From now on avoid those habits that make you friends with wrinkles.

Washing your face too often

Habits that can give you wrinkles

Shocked, right? Cleaning is the essential thing for our skin to stay healthy, but extremes of anything comes with consequences. It’s okay if you wash your skin properly when you have oily skin, and it surely does prevent acne. Make sure not to use peel-off scrub more than two times a week. Do not rinse your face using a lotion or tonic water daily as it will interfere with the natural process of your skin and make it over-dried. It is the primary factor behind those stubborn wrinkles that do not just leave you alone.

Sleeping with your face on the pillow

I know different people like to sleep differently, but if you sleep on your stomach and rest your face on the pillow, you need to rethink. It will not only damage your skin but also hamper your circulation which will, in turn, deprive you of the right amount of oxygen that you need. Opt for another sleeping position. The best one is sleeping on your back, using a sausage-shaped cushion instead of a pillow. It will make your skin just the way you want it to be, healthy, smooth and wrinkle-free. You can also sleep on your side.

Smoking is one of the habits that can give you wrinkles

Yes, among the many dangerous effects that smoking has, wrinkles surely join that list. Nicotine and tar make your skin dry. I know this is a hard one to do but the most vital one for your skin.

Excess makeup

Many layers of makeup do not allow your skin the breathing space. A little foundation and light powder are enough for the day; leave the rest for the evening. Never go to sleep before rinsing off the makeup entirely and adequately.

Time spent in front of the screen

Well, this is the era of screens, from working to playing games, mobile phones and laptops ensure everything. Monitors work great but are very harmful to your skin. The first victim of this is our neck where you will notice wrinkles on the border of the neck and chin. To resolve it try massaging your face regularly.

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Sitting near a heater.

Now, I know sitting in front of the heater on those chilly winters is hard to resist, but remember that it can cause a lot of harm to your skin. It will damage your soft skin in the worst way possible. Apply moisturising cream and try to drink more water to escape this situation.

Fat-free diet

Fats are essential for your skin, without them your skin will become dry and lifeless. Fish, nuts and olive oil contain just the right fatty acids that your skin needs.

Taking hot showers or bath

Taking hot showers or bath may be very relaxing to your nerves after a long hard day but first, remember the damage it will cause to your skin. Hot water leading to premature ageing destroys fatty acids needed by the skin. During a bath, the water should be at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not using eyeglasses or contacts when you have poor eyesight.

Another habits that can give you wrinkles. Squinting your eyes while having poor vision will not help you to recover your skin or even to see correctly. It will cause wrinkles on your skin and damage it. Remember to use glasses or contacts while working on the computer, or let’s be honest playing games on the computer. *winks*

There are many things on the list that you might as well be doing. Get rid of these habits and brace yourself for the gorgeous skin that is yet to outgrow.