Tips to enjoy your pringles-Who on earth can say no to Pringles? However, being a pringle fan, it is of extreme importance that you know how to enjoy your pingles?

Best way to enjoy your Pringles!

Best way to enjoy your Pringles! 


Pringles acquire the shape of a hyperbolic paraboloid, i.e., the flares of Pringles are facing upwards whereas the tips of the chip are downwards! Have a look here.

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I heard my mother saying that there are maths in everything, but never thought that the web of it would take my food under its control. Sad but true!

They form this shape before they are first flavored. However, in the manufacturing process, there is one side which gets an extra flavor of seasoning with is extra love for Pringles. Right?

However, once you take the crisps out of the box, try not having the maximum flavor side upwards. Though this might give you a sense of comfort, but not a sense of maximum flavor!

Eating them ‘ upside down’ might make it comfortable for you to eat it as it fits your tongue. Or else, eat it just the way it comes to you in the tube as they have been adjusted accordingly.

Last but not the least, it’s completely your life. Enjoy it the way you want!