Plants For Every Room At Your Home


Do you like greenery and want to have plants in your room. Do you want pure air at your home? Then you are in the right place. This article will help you to choose various room plants for a different area at your house. Let us check out where to place which plant.

The Bathroom or Powder Room

  • Chinese Evergreens

The Best Room Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home


These plants have pink-hued leaves. The leaves of this plant are lovely and strike against the white  & blue background. These plants are generally placed in bathrooms or dressing rooms because they absorb formaldehyde from the air. Formaldehyde is the ingredient found in cosmetics.

  • European Ivy

The Best Room Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home

European ivy plant is known for purifying the air of carbon dioxide. It is a more efficient plant than any other houseplant.

  • Lady palm treesThe Best Room Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home

These plants are tall and are not preferable for small bathrooms. These plants are known for purifying the air by absorbing ammonia. The detergents and other products we use in bathrooms contain vast amounts of vapor.

The Bedroom

  • Spathiphyllum

The Best Room Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home

These plants are beautiful and look so elegant. Spathiphyllum is very helpful in absorbing chemicals and toxins like benzol, acetone, i.e., found in nail polish removers, and ammonia. These chemicals generally found in newly constructed or renovated houses. Spathiphyllum cleans the air and remove toxic chemicals from the air.

  • Sansevieria trifasciata

The Best Room Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home

This plant is very cheerful and beautiful. Sansevieria trifasciata is very helpful in removing the dirt from the air and brings the fresh air into your room. These plants are preferable to place in the bedrooms because fresh air improves the sleep quality of an individual.

  • Phalaenopsis

These plants give beautiful flowers and spread an immense beauty to our bedroom. Phalaenopsis clears the toluene from the air and purifies it. It replaces the chemicals with oxygen.

The Baby’s Room

  • Hibiscus

The Best Room Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home

These plants contain beautiful flowers and spread positive vibes in your baby’s room. Hibiscus helps in creating a microclimate in the room and makes the surroundings clean and healthy. Hibiscus provides help to the other plants in their growth which placed next to it.

  • Coffea

The Best Room Plants To Purify The Air In Your Home


This plant is also known as the natural filter. Coffea helps in clearing the air of phenol, benzol, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde.

  • Cyclamen


This plant contains red blooms. These red blooms fight against irritability, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and depression. Cyclamen removes all these conditions and provides a healthy life.

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The Living Room or Lounge Area

  • Chlorophytum



The living room contains bookshelves, dining tables, Tv cabinets, etc. Chlorophytum is a potted plant, and it is preferable to place on the bookshelves in living areas. It removes the smoke, tobacco and car emissions, i.e. formaldehyde from the air and replaces it with the oxygen.

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  • Dracaena reflex

This plant looks very beautiful in the lounge area and looks like a statement piece. Dracaena reflexa removes formaldehyde and benzol from the air in the living area. These chemicals found in paints, wallpapers, carpets, and curtains. It freshens the surrounding air.

  • Benjamin fig


Benjamin fig is a beautiful shrub and produces oxygen in the air. This plant eliminates the phenol, benzol, and trichloroethylene from the air. These chemicals found in glue, carpet detergents and other things which we use in the lounge area.

The kitchen

  • Stephanotis floribunda

Stephanotis floribunda is a beautiful white flower plant. It removes the toxins and chemicals from the kitchen’s air. This plant spreads a healthy atmosphere, and it blooms all year. This plant never lets anybody think about any other plant.

  • Aloe

Aloe is the most beautiful plant and contains spiky green leaves. People place these plants in industrial-style kitchens. It purifies the kitchen air and removes formaldehyde and benzol which exists in detergents used in the kitchen.

Hope this article helps you to shop for the right plants for the right room.