Houseplants that can grow with one glass of water-Water finds its usage in various parts of this universe. It is present from a big ocean to a small cell. In this article, we will discuss the usage of a glass of water in the agricultural field. Houseplants make our homes snuggled up making it more pleasing to live in. However, not everyone is or eager to dive into the soil. There are certain houseplants that can be grown with a single glass of water and sometimes without even soil. The few of them are:

  • Garlic

Houseplants that can grow with one glass of water

What you have to do is just put some garlic in water, you will notice sprouts coming out of it which you can use it as a salad. These green shoots are consumable.

  • Chinese Cabbage

Houseplants that can grow with one glass of water

The bottom of the cabbage is handy. You can develop new abandons from cabbage regardless of you bring best the base and only it. Put the root wind over a shallow dish of water and watch it regrow from that focus.

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  • Green Onions

Houseplants that can grow with one glass of water

For growing green onion you need water, a container to grow in, and a few green onions and in few days you will find your plant growing.

  • Carrots

Houseplants that can grow with one glass of water

Place some carrots in deep water; the green sprouts growing on top are consumable and healthy which are helpful in controlling weight. Enjoy eating with salad or with honey.

  • Leeks

All you need is a 2inch long bottom part of leeks. Place them in water and notice its endless growth. You can use them as a salad or detoxing agent for your body.

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  • Mint

Mint is an excellent source of adding taste to our food. It increases the fragrance and makes it look more delicious. Just take its roots and place in water, and it will start growing.

  • Rosemary

If you are a great lover of rosemary, you can grow this quickly in your house kitchen. All you have to do is take a stem of this herb and place it in the water soon you will notice roots to be visible and then put its roots in the soil and let it grow.

  • Tulips

We come across many people saying that tulips only grow in the garden which is not true. We can also grow tulips without soil by directly placing tulip bulbs in a water-filled container. They enhance the beauty of our house and makes it look more natural and elegant.

  • Hyacinth

If you are planning to decorate your house, it’s the best way you can do it just by growing these beautiful flowers in your home. They will give a natural beauty to your house and will give people around a feeling of freshness and relaxation.