Modern Etiquettes That You Definitely Should Adapt


Rules Of Modern Etiquette-Etiquettes or mannerisms play a great deal in portraying our personality to others. However, what if there are some mannerisms that you do not even know that exists? Today, I am going to introduce to such rules that only a small number of people know of. Take notes, and begin, shall we?

Rules Of Modern Etiquette.

Never visit someone without calling.

Rules Of Modern Etiquette

Do not catch people with a surprise visit, unless you have been planning to meet the love of your life for months and it just can not wait. It is a good gesture to call the one, check with them about their schedules so that they do not have to cancel with anything or anyone else. It will also help the other person to be a little prepared for the meet and greet.

Do not put a handbag on your lap or your chair.

A small clutch which will hardly occupy any space can be kept on the table while a handbag can be hung on a chair instead of being kept on a separate chair. A briefcase should, however, be placed on the floor. Remember to keep the right purse at the place.

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Plastic bags shall only be used to and from a supermarket and not as a handbag.

Do not use plastic bags to carry your essentials instead of a handbag. It just ruins your outfit and looks a tad bit tacky.

Do not use a robe or nightwear at home.

A robe is meant for the bathroom while nightwears are meant for sleeping. Do not use them as clothing at home every time. Many people forget this simple yet essential etiquette.

Make a routine of knocking at your child’s door before entering straight into his/her room.

There are certain space-giving rules, and even your little munchkin shall not be deprived of it. This mannerism should be critically followed so that your child can also learn to provide privacy to others. Yes, your kid needs to learn that too. If you want your child to learn all the mannerisms, then be sure to be a good role model.

Saying “I invite you to the restaurant” must mean that you are paying

If your boss has invited you to a restaurant, then it is expected of him to pay, and you should do the same if you are in a similar situation. If you, however, have said to the group of your friends’ “let’s go to the restaurant”, that means that everyone pays for themselves. And if you are that someone who always rushes to the bathroom when the bill arrives then you, my friend, have to learn a lot many of other basic etiquettes(just kidding), no, but seriously man, pay up.

While searching for your seats face the people who are already sitting.

When you are in a cinema or a concert hall, you should search for your places while facing the people rather than facing backwards towards them and pressing your buttocks against them. *chuckles* Remeber this point. Do not face-ass the people. *laughs*

Do not dry your umbrella when it is open.

You should always dry an umbrella when it is folded. You can always place it on the umbrella stand or let it dry on a hook. That is the accurate way to dry an umbrella instead of occupying a whole lot of space.

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Do not wear too many accessories, do not let them exceed 13, including fashion buttons.

Too many accessories are for the old times. The closer you get to the evening, the more accessories you can put on (and that too, not too many). Too many accessories will take away the eyes from your whole look and concentrate them on these accessories.

So guys, how many of these mannerisms did you know already and how many are you going to follow from now onwards? Share the wisdom with your friends. Do you want to keep having these little dips into the depths of knowledge? Keep following us for such informative articles.