Some Features Of Smartphones That You Don’t Know


Secret smartphone features that can make your life easier. Everyone carries smartphones, but there are so many things that we don’t know about smartphones. Here are some functions which are hidden in smartphones and iPhones. Here we will tell you some secrets that you will get to know after reading this article.

1.Saving information to the external storage

Secret smartphone features that can make your life easier

Generally, when we collect any data on our phones, it directly goes to the internal room of the phone. Here is a secret function in the android phones where you can choose to save data in the external storage, i.e., SD card of the phone. The manufacturers disable this function, but if you want, then you can enable it. Here is a problem that occurs when we save data in external storage that some apps installed on the phone do not work correctly.

2. Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life.

Secret smartphone features that can make your life easier

If you are a continuous phone user and the battery of your smartphone doesn’t stay last longer, then you should use the Monochromacy Mode from the list of all the color space options available. The reduced colors of the screen will make your battery life last longer. You should always keep your smartphone’s brightness down. The presence of your battery will be better.

3. Installed Apps Library

Secret smartphone features that can make your life easier

When we buy a new phone, we always suffer a problem with installing apps on our phones. But do not worry we have a solution to your question. When you log in to your google id in your new smartphone, then it will show all your old apps in the library section of the play store. You can go there and install all your old apps on your new phone.

4. Apps that you’d like to introduce later

Secret smartphone features that can make your life easier

I bet you that you didn’t know about this feature on your smartphone. You can add apps to your wish list that you want to fix more afterward. You can save your wishful apps and games that you want to play them.

5. Parental control functions for google play

Here is one more secret purpose which you can use in your android smartphones. You can also use parental control functions for google play. It will protect your child from unnecessary data that should not be visible to them. In this, you have to set age limits on google play.

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6. Disable Auto Updates

The auto update of apps is very irritating and also overload our phones. You can disable the auto-update function of your smartphone. This function should be disabled by those who carry old and weak phones.

7. Guided Access while other people use your phone

It is a secret function of phones. It helps you to protect your phone from other people. By enabling the guided access feature the people other than you will not be able to see your stuff. You can let this function by going into settings then general and then accessibility, and there you will find the guided access.

8. Calls Announcing themselves while wearing earpieces

It is tough to pick the calls while driving a two-wheeler. Here you can use this function of announcing calls in your phone. While ringing your phone, it will publish the caller’s name.

9. Snooze your alarm clock with the help of one button.

It is very annoying when the alarm rang up in the morning, and it is unable to shut it down in closed eyes by touching on the screen. Here is a secret button with you can snooze your alarm for about 9 minutes. You can snooze your alarm with the home button or the volume buttons.