Hacks To Make Your Smartphone Smarter In Critical Situations


Best hacks to make your smartphone smarter. Today, people can live without oxygen, but they cannot live without mobile phones. Everyone uses mobile phones to chat, to call, to play games, etc. They know everything about phones. Even little kids know more about the phones than us. We use mobile phones the whole day but don’t know about the functions that will help us in critical situations. Today we come here with some smartphones hacks that make them more smarter.

How to find out the contact number of the service center?

In daily routine, we don’t feel any need for the contact number of the phone service center. But we should know these numbers because uncertainty doesn’t come by knocking on the door. To see the contact number of your service center dial *#5005*7672#. By dialing this number, you will get to know the phone number of your network service center.

Get information about the mobile network.

Do you suffer from a wrong network? Here we have a solution to this problem. The number we are going to give you will provide you with information about the sim card network in a pop-up menu form. In the given menu, you will find the details about your mobile system and its efficiency in numerical form. The number you have to dial is *3001#12345#*. With the help of this number, you will get all the information at home rather than going to the mobile office.

Deactivation of call waiting.

Sometimes we get irritated when we were talking to someone, and the other person starts calling us in between. It occurs due to the activation of the call waiting. Call waiting can be deactivated by dialing #43#. Your call waiting will be switched off.

Activation of Call Waiting.

Sometimes we get scolded by our parents for being busy on the phone. When we talk to someone on the phone, then we become unable to take another call. It happens because we haven’t activated call waiting for function on our phone. With activated call waiting we will be able to get another call at the same time. To enable a call waiting for dial *43#.

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To get information about call waiting.

There is another way to get information about the call waiting. When you already activated call waiting but then also you are unable to get another call then the information about that call even we can get. To get the information about call waiting for dial *#43#.

Hide your number from the person you call.

Make your smartphone smarter with these tips and hacks

It is a fantastic hack to hide your phone number. We all think that it is impossible to protect your cell number from the one we are calling. By adding #31# before putting your number, you can hide your number. This combination only works with a current call.

Deactivate the call forwarding.

Make your smartphone smarter with these tips and hacks

If you have activated a call forwarding function by mistake, then you can disable the feature by using this number. By dialing ##002# you can disable all the current call forwarding functions.

To get the information about forwarded calls, messages and other data.

Make your smartphone smarter with these tips and hacks

*#21# will help you to find the information that is received by your call forwarding number. This combination will help you to find your confidential data that is collected by someone else.

How to IMEI number?

Make your smartphone smarter with these tips and hacks

Every single phone has its own unique identity and, i.e. its IMEI number. You can find your lost or stolen phone by using the IMEI number. Now the question arises that how to find the IMEI number? Dial *#06# and get the IMEI number of your phone. You can use this number on any phone whether it is android, windows or ios. IMEI number is used to find the features of the device; it’s manufacturing date etc.

Bonus: In life anytime, if your phone gets stolen, then give your IMEI number to the police, and they will trace your phone.