Secret smartphone features you’ll start using right away. Everyone thinks that nobody is smarter than them, but some smartphones are more intelligent than us. We use smartphones all the time, but then also they contain so many features that we don’t know. Today we will tell you some secret features of smartphones that you never knew.

Find your lost phone.

Secret Smartphone Features You'll Start Using Right Away

We are damn sure that you don’t know about this feature on your smartphone. Have you ever lost your phone or forgotten it somewhere? You can quickly find your phone by launching a browser on your pc or another cell phone. Go to and then enter your Google password. The screen will show you a map, and there you’ll find where your phone currently located. If you want to call your phone or delete its data, then that is also possible.

Enable the comfy night mode.

Secret Smartphone Features You'll Start Using Right Away

This feature was available in iPhones, but now you can also find it in Smartphones. A smartphone having Android 7.0 carries a night mode feature that you can enable during the night. This feature reduces the brightness and the abundant light of the screen which puts a less lousy impact on the eyes. The blue light phones contain during daytime is very harmful to the eyes and during night mode blue light gets dimmer and turns into light yellow. The night mode feature is very beneficial for those who use their smartphones for reading at night. The settings of your phone can easily change by going to accessibility.

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Use ctrl+z on your iPhone.

Secret Smartphone Features You'll Start Using Right Away

Sometimes we delete the critical text by mistake and don’t know how to recover it. iPhones do contain this feature; you need to shake your phone and then it will show you the undo option.

Take a screenshot without using buttons.

Secret Smartphone Features You'll Start Using Right Away

I bet that you have never listened to this feature on your mobile phone, even I didn’t. You can take screenshots on your smartphone without using any buttons; you only need to swipe your palm on the screen to take a screenshot. You can enable this feature by going to settings >my device>Motions and gestures> allow palm motion.

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Improve your connection quality.

You can improve the quality of your connection by dialing this number *3370#. Enabling this feature will consume the battery of your phone faster.

Find the hidden game.

You can find a hidden game in your android phone by going into settings. Settings>about phone>Android version. Tap the android version 3-4 times repeatedly, and then Android will appear on the screen. It will pass your boring time easily.

Try to unlock your phone with the nose.

It is a fantastic idea which will make your winters easy. Have you ever listened that you can unlock your phone with your nose? Yes, you can open your phone by using your nose print. You can add your nose print on the place of the fingerprint in your iPhone.

Schedule your phone’s power on and off.

Scheduling your phone’s power on and off will put you in discipline, and you will not give your extra time mobile phone. Go to settings > System > scheduled power on & off. You can set the time at your convenience.