Each month of the year is connected to unique and different gemstones. Earlier these gems were according to zodiac signs, but now they are according to your birthday month.

The origin of the use of birthstones may be as ancient as biblical times. It’s said that the Breastplate of Aaron was encrusted with twelve different stones which represent the twelve tribes of Israel. Aaron was a high priest of Israel.

Now check your birth month to learn about these gemstones and their particular properties and extraordinary healing powers.

January: Garnet

This gem is a sign of good health, prosperity, and peace. This gem has the exclusive power of giving the eternal happiness, wealth and health. It occurs in a variety of colors such as yellow, orange and green but mostly it is found in red color.

Talisman has used this stone as a tool of healing and for protection also. Not only this but back in the 3rd and 4th century it was used a symbol of life and was very popular.People who are born in January are fortunate as this garnet also represents long lasting friendship.

February: Amethyst

This beautiful purple color gem is a symbol of warmth and strength. Although it is a purple color, it has different shades also depending on how it is cut.

The name of this stone derived from an ancient Greek word “intoxicated” which means this gem has the power to protect from intoxication. Different cultures, religions, and myths are related to this. This gem also represents peace, courage, and stability and hence it is perfect for February born people.

March: Aquamarine

As the name suggests, this gem is made of two words aqua and marine which means water and sea respectively. This gemstone is said to cool the temper of the wearer and make people calm and levelheaded because this stone tells the feelings of tranquillity and clarity.

Earlier this stone also used as a wedding gift, and this gem was also used by Talisman to protect themselves. This rock was famous prior also. It also said that this stone protects sailors and bring safe voyages across the sea as this stone is associated with the ocean. This gem is very high for achieving and maintaining harmony as it connects the spiritual and physical.

April: Diamond

Diamond the most famous and hardest gemstone.Well, you all are very well aware of this remarkable stone. This gem has various colors such as yellow, blue, green, pink and red. More unique is the color more is the value.

They were very valuable in ancient times due to their creative process.They were hugely admired and traded as early as 4 BC.

As you all know this gem is used for engagements and wedding as it is a symbol of true love and endurance.

May: Emerald

This stone represents rebirth, foresight, good fortune and youth. This gem is known for its brilliant color. The range of this rock lies between light green and deep green. The stone becomes more valuable when the tone becomes richer,

Queen Cleopatra who claimed ownership of mines all over Egypt is the most famous historical figure to cherish emeralds. This gemstone is very popular and is 2.97 billion years old.

Peace, security, new beginnings, and loyalty are some of the things represented by Emerald.It also prevents panic attacks and some health problems.

June: Pearl

The only gemstone which is created by living creature. It is naturally white, but it can be dyed according to your choice like it can be turned into pink, red, green, etc. This stone needs no shaping and polishing and is known for natural luster.

Ancient Greeks called the pearls as “tears of god,” and the Hindu folklore called this as “teardrops of the moon.” Earlier Chinese linked them to dragons, and it was often believed that mythical creatures created pearls. They were so popular in ancient times and hence 520 BC, and Tudor England was known as the pearl age.

They are not so costly, and hence they are used as a gift for anniversaries, and it represents innocence and purity in many cultures.

July: Ruby

These gemstones were very popular throughout history, and it symbolizes passion and energy. Ruby is known as the king of precious stones. The main difficulty in ruby’s creation is that the chemical which gives it glow is the same chemical that causes them to crack and fissure. And hence these are very much expensive than diamonds.

Warriors, rulers, and noblemen wore this gem in ancient times.It is thick red and represents various things such as courage, awareness, energy, wealth, love and battle.

August: Peridot

The only gem which has the single color and that color is bright lime green color. This gem name is derived from Greek word ” Peridona” which means giving plenty

This gemstone was known as the stone of the sun in earlier times as it was believed that it protects its wearer from the night. It is not same as Emeralds. People mostly get confused between the two.

This stone has excellent healing properties and is a symbol of happiness and peace, and hence people born in August are very very lucky.

September: Sapphire

Wisdom, loyalty, sincerity, integrity, and nobility are the signs of this gem. It has many different colors, but the blue color is most famous one.

Sapphires have many uses such as in jewelry, scientific instruments, electronics, and watches. Earlier it was used by Buddhist for spiritual enlightenment and by Greeks for guidance.  Prince William gave his mother’s sapphire engagement ring to Kate, and after that, it was seen as a symbol of absolute love.

This stone focuses your mind, encourage self-discipline and channel high powers. This gem is very rare.

October: Opal

These gemstones are firmly connected with Arabic legends. They fell from the sky in bolts of lightning and Aborigines believe they came to earth on a rainbow. These gems are available in different colors. The most exciting thing is that it represents the power of each gemstone and hence it is mighty and lucky stone,

It has been very popular throughout the years and has different moods. This gem is very much unique.

November: Topaz

It was named after the island Topazios in the red sea. The pure topaz is colorless, but it comes in a variety of colors due to the impurities, and it is often yellow.

This stone was used by African Shamans and Hindus for healing purposes, and it was also used to break spells.

This stone prevents nightmares, cure madness and represents wisdom and protection.

December: Tanzanite

This stone is only found in one part of the world and is often blue. This gem is recently discovered and is very rare.

It is famous for the name blue diamond, and it unites the heart and the mind. It is also a symbol of spiritual exploration and communication, offering protection and safety to the wearer.

This stone is recently discovered and hence do not has much history, but it has become very much popular since its discovery.