So as I show you that how big she is on Instagram, In This article. Click on the blue line if you want to see that article. I recommend you to see that article. So let’s get back to the article. If you are on Instagram, so there are 90% chances of you following Selena Gomez. She had 128M+ Followers in her bucket. So peoples are gossiping about her follower since from a long time. She gains the title of most followed celebrity on Instagram. People got jealous of her follower and why they do not get jealous of her follower, In this era of Social media people only care about how much famous you are on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, ETC…

She gains that title in 2016. Selena has four times more follower than the population of California. Let’s break some fact that why she is the queen of Instagram from since last year.

Here is one of the most amazing pictures on Instagram. She got the love of 6.8 Million peoples on this Instagram Post. Look At those Eyes. She is so Stunning.

how can I not mention the amount of controversy this picture had created.

This picture creates the controversy or so-called war between the internet user about Ms Gomez getting involved in Brangelina’s divorce.

People went crazy on this Video of her.

People started loving her more and more after this Video.

The whole world loves her!

She also does so much Charity.

And who can skip her very public feud with Justin Bieber?

She always showed that she is just like a regular Adult Who is enjoying National Donut Day.

She loves kids and that why she is buying Icecream for little ones.

She also got a kidney transplant!