Shine Bright Like A Diamond With Rainbow Hair!


Earlier only two or three colors formed the rainbow hair. But now it has become thing of the past. People want to experiment with more colors and thus forming the actual rainbow. It is very trending on various social media platforms and more and more people want to try this look. Rainbow hair has surpassed the unicorn hair as it did not satisfy the brave souls. Now, in order to really make a statement, one must take it a step further and go above and beyond, like with this new hair trend.

Whether you choose a pastel palette or you go for a  bold and vivid range of color, this trend is guaranteed to turn more than a few heads. Check out more glorious hidden rainbow inspirations below.

1. I should book an appointment with my stylist asap

2.  Rainbow colors are more fun

3. Try this rainbow unicorn look for mystical hair!

4. This pastel baby blue and pink hair are hair goal!

5. Perfect for any summer music festival!

6. How magical this look!

7. Rainbow shine rocks curls!

8. Try a deep plum base color accented with just a hint of rainbow