Coral has been around the corner for a while now. It has been very popular for nail polishes, lipsticks, and throw pillows. Now it has become a trending choice for hair color. Without going over the top, Coral adds perfect subtle edge. It suits almost every base hair color, making it attainable for everyone.The mesmerizing hues of melted pink and orange will take your Instagram game to the next level. Today, you will see six subtle versions of the trend that even us more reserved girl would consider rocking.

1. Coral & Peach

This color goes from a coral to peachy ombré. You will instantly fall in love with long coral and beach waves. I can admire their shine all day long. The hairstylist responsible for this mesmerizing creation should win an award!

2. Muted Coral

This more muted coral shade would be perfect for you if you love the coral hair trend but aren’t super adventurous. For this hairstyle, roots are dark, and dusty coral and blonde-ish strands blend together seamlessly.

3.Magenta & Coral

This one is for the venturesome soul. It is a combination of super bright magenta and coral hair.You can even add some glitter to it if it is less for you. You will be little mermaid rocking this whimsical look.

4.Rosy Coral

 It’s a refreshing new take on the pastel hues we’ve seen for years now. This rosy coral hair color is bright, unique, and subtle, all at the same time. Dark brows and roots blend well this light, eye-catching color.

5.Vivid Coral

The vivid coral hair looks phenomenal when styled into a long bob and bangs. You can enhance this look with gold shadow, dramatic lashes, and matte coral lipstick.

6. Coppery Coral

I am in love the with this one. Coral can mean a variety of different shades, and this coppery one is a definite win. It is a natural take on coral. It is classic and yet funks. It looks gorgeous with that blush eyeshadow and coral-colored lipstick.