Remedies to get smooth hair-Hair always adds to your personality. Awesome hair makes you look more charming. Every girl wants to have smooth and silky hair. Every girl wants their hair should be heavy, thick and shiny. Obviously, you need to do some remedies to get awesome hair.

There are so many products that guarantee your smooth hair, but you might have seen that all those products do not work efficiently. Yes, there is a method of chemical smoothing that lasts for 6-8 months, but that negatively affect your hair. In that case, home remedies are always the best option. I agree that this will not last more time, but it will not have any adverse effect on your hair. Moreover in today’s world pollution is increasing day by day. This also damages your hair. Additionally, the UV rays from the sun are also harmful to your strands.

So, in that case, we need to protect our hair correctly and now let us look at some of the remedies to give a shiny look to your hair and to smoothen your hair.


Some easy ways to get smooth hair just at home

Beer is one of the best ingredients which helps to provide shine to your hair, and it also improves your texture. A beer rinse will clean your hair, and it will maintain the ph of your scalp. It bounces your hair by controlling fizz. All you need is 1 cup beer and shampoo. And you have to do it twice in a week.

1 Apply shampoo to your hair.

2 Apply beer to your scalp and then give a proper massage.

3 Rinse your hair after 5 minutes.


Some easy ways to get smooth hair just at home

You can use coconut oil for hair growth. It is a natural way to help your hair grow thicker and stronger. Coconut oil contains vitamins and nutrients that are most important for your hair. It will nourish your scalp. It will also increase your length of hair. Follow these steps to see how it is applied

1 Apply coconut hair correctly to your roots and give a proper message up to 10 minutes.

2 Then use a towel to wrap it for 30 minutes.

3 Then you can rinse off and use your regular shampoo further.

Another method you can use is you can heat your oil after adding curry leaves to it. Make sure that you don’t overheat it. Then apply your hair and give a massage. It will work more efficiently.

So these are some of the ways in which you can try to nourish your hair. Try these remedies and see the results and tell us about your experience in the comment section.