Steps To Remove Makeup Properly


Remove Makeup Properly-Makeup is such an essential part of today’s women. Most of us can’t even imagine our lives without it. It enhances our natural beauty and gives us the confidence to take on the world one winged eyeliner at a time. I should say applying it is no less than a work of art, a skill it took us years of experience to acquire. But never make the mistake of thinking that removing it is any less of a task. All beauty experts stand by the fact that you MUST always remove your makeup and adequately so before calling it a day if you care about your skin at all.

Here, we have an article dedicated to proper steps to remove your makeup. Get those chemicals off your face and let your skin breathe, beautiful.

Steps To Remove Makeup Properly

Eye Makeup: Step #1.

Remove Makeup Properly

Begin with those beautiful eyes. Using soft removers, remove makeup properly from the eyes very gently.

Eye Makeup: Step #2.

Open the pores using streamed water for a short span of time and remove makeup properly. Again, always be gentle with eyes, you don’t want to be rough here, or else your eyes will be irritated and turn red and puffy.

Eye Makeup: Step #3.

Just one final gentle sweep to make sure all that chemical’s gone and we’re ready to move on.

Face Makeup: Step #1.

With the help of cleansing milk, remove your foundation and blush by rubbing the milk on our face and then wiping it with a soft and clean cotton ball. Repeat several times to make sure that it’s all gone.

Lip Color: Step #1.

Remove your lipsticks using the soft tissue, then use tissue with color remover gently and make it dry.

Lip Color: Step #2.

Use your regular face wash in the areas that were covered with makeup.

Moisturize And Cleanse

 Take off the makeup which ran while washing the face using a dampened cotton swab.

Lastly, swipe your face with the soft tissue and show your skin some love by applying your favorite facial cream or moisturizer.

Now let those pores breathe and rock your natural glow.