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The Dilts Pyramid Will Explain Why You Have What You Have Right Now


Dilts pyramid-We leads different walks of life, some of us gain success pretty soon whereas others struggle long enough. There are specific methods by which you can address your life issues. The Dilts pyramid has various levels that talk about personal change. Achieving something at a higher level calls for change at the lower levels as well.

We are going to share all about this pyramid today. It can transform your life for good if you understand it thoroughly.

The meaning

Everyone should be aware of the Dilts Pyramid and here is why-

  1. You can analyze your life in a way that it influences you for the better
  2. As soon as you get a hold of your problems, you shall have a good understanding of defined steps to improvise upon it.

The levels

The Dilts Pyramid Has Your Life Figured Out For You

Before reading on with the explanation, read the questions stated in the pyramid and fetch your answers. The answer to every interrogation can be found on the level above the question, that’s the trick.

What do I have?

This question talks about finances, family and all that is in your surroundings, including your chores. Ask yourself why you have the things that are around you, You need to move a level up to answer this question.

What do I do?

The question relates to certain actions, of course. Actions relate to all that is around us. Think about why we do certain things the way we do it. This can be answered at the level above.

How do I choose?

We are made up of the choices we make in our day to day life. Various causes can alter our choices, goals, health, passion and so on. But then again, why do we make certain choices in particular? And again, fetch it at the level above.

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The Dilts Pyramid Has Your Life Figured Out For You

After all, it all comes down to our beliefs. If you have faith that everything will come to you quickly, you will not work enough. If you believe that it is a difficult task, wanting quite some effort, you will strive with all your best skills. Do you have faith in what we believe in?

Who am I?

There is always a difficulty when it comes to self-understanding and self-awareness.  You should have a realistic approach towards life and avoid hiding your flaws, work on them instead.

The Dilts Pyramid Has Your Life Figured Out For You

Why am I alive?

The last but not the least, understand why you are living. Know the true meaning of life. Everyone has a mission in life, and they must achieve it without contradicting it with bad choices and beliefs.

Finding the right answers to the questions stated here will help you fill in the spaces of your life. Once you know your weaknesses, strive hard to improvise. Honestly answering the questions of his pyramid will surely shape your life for the better.

Know what’s up with your life, answer the questions, fetch them! Do share your opinions in the comments section below!