The Loud House characters all grown up

Are you an animated series lover? If yes, then you must have viewed The Loud House on Nickelodeon. American animated television series “The Loud House” has been the most famous series of 2017. Animator and comic illustrator Chris Savino created the series and are the most-watched animated series. Savino in the series showed the chaotic everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud, a middle-class boy and the only son of the Loud family. Set in a fictional town called Royal Woods in Michigan and the name of the fictional city is similar to Savino’s hometown Royal Oak. Eleven children with their parents create havoc everywhere.

The series was released originally on Nickelodeon in 2013 as a two-minute film that entered in a short film contest called Animated Shorts Program. After getting thumbs up from the production house, the episodes of this show got premiered in April 2016 on the website of the channel. It was officially premiered in May and ever since two seasons are released, and the third one is in the making. The production takes place at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio. The series is based on Chris Savino’s own life, drawing inspiration from his personal experience of growing up in a large family. It also features Savino’s fascination with comic strips, as can be seen in the animation of the series.

There is excellent news for the viewers that Paramount Pictures with Nickelodeon movies are coming up with The Loud House movie that would be in the theatres near you by February 2020, with a theatrical representation of the famous series. The series has been everybody’s favorite since its debut and rose up to be the No 1 animated show in just a month.

Now let us see how the main characters of the series would look when they are all grown up! Would the toddler Lily Loud, the youngest of the Loud bunch grow up by herself? Let’s see what happens to our favorite characters.


The Loud House characters all grown up

Lisa Loud

The youngest one of the Loud bunch, is known for her extreme and exceptional behavior. This 4-year old munchkin is nothing short of a child prodigy with a Ph.D. and a Nobel Prize in spite of still being in kindergarten. The smartest of all, solve complex mathematical problems and performs intricate experiments efficiently with her siblings as her subjects. She looks cute in circular glasses. Her laugh is like that of a maniac ad devoid of any emotions. When your favorite The Loud House characters all grown up, she would be a successful scientist but, a cute one.

The Loud House characters all grown up

Lola Loud

One of the twins from the Loud bunch Lola, the girly brat girl with the beauty and brains. Both Lana and Lola have their top teeth’s missing. She is best at plotting and scheming to get her way out. Always seen in pink dresses concealing her legs and wears a tiara on her head. She often participates in the Child Beauty Pageants and is the tattletale of the group. Lola is a star and would turn out to be the beauty queen all set to run her reality show.

The Loud House characters all grown up

Lana Loud

Talking about Lola without mentioning her twin Lana, is impossible. The two are said to be twins but are entirely different from each other. We observed that the character of Lana based on Savino’s sisters! Lola who loves to be dressed up in pink and look like a princess, Lana is a complete opposite, a tomboy who loves to get her hands dirty and loves playing around. She is surprisingly good at plumbing and fixes almost everything broken. Lana is afraid of heights and is allergic too to rhubarb.

The Loud House characters all grown up

Lucy Loud

The Goth poet of the Loud bunch. Lucy, a gothic girl, is interested in poetry, séances and gothic fiction and loves to pet bats. She often frightens her sibling by suddenly appearing in places. But Lucy takes a break from her old lifestyle and reads Princess Pony books once in a while. Her parents let her grow the bangs as she used to stare at them strangely when she was an infant. She comments that she can still see them which scares her parents.

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The Loud House characters all grown up

Lincoln Loud

The only one out of the ten sisters is something big a man can live through. And also knowing that his best friend is in love with one of his sisters does not help him much. Lincoln in one of the episodes wished for ten brothers, only to realize that having ten sisters is a good deal! He holds a love for comic books and is always seen reading them wearing underwear.

The Loud House characters all grown up

Lynn Loud

Unlike others in the Loud bunch, Lynn is the sporty kind. Lynn, named after her father, loves competing with everybody, so she turns everything into a competition. Her competitive spirit annoys her family members, making it easy for her to get everyone angry and annoyed. She is the one who fights a lot with her family members while competing. She can be called the loudest of the Loud family.

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Luan Loud

Luan Loud, the 14-year-old, is one of the favorites because of her unique personality. She is seen dressed in bright yellow outfits, and her nickname should be “queen of bad jokes”. In spite of being terrible, she makes everybody laugh at her bad jokes. Older Luan looks as hilarious as her younger counterpart, the one who never lost the spark.

The Loud House characters all grown up

Luna Loud

Luna has some something that makes her unique and stands out from the rest. She is passionate about rock music. Luna is very carefree and often speaks with the British accent. She is emotional and dependable on other siblings but, is always there to support her siblings. It’s kind that the rock never left Luna, as can be seen from a picture featuring older Luna. She’d be the coolest of all in the Loud bunch.

Leni Loud

Next is the sixteen-year-old Leni Loud, a typical teenager, very naive and ditzy. However, in spite of her gullible character, she is very caring towards her siblings. One of the stupidest characters on the show, but Leni always makes up for her brains by being exceptionally kind to others. She is pretty easy going, but when it comes to spiders, she is done and insists she has Arachnophobia. Who isn’t scared of spiders? The older version of Leni looks the same but a little upgraded regarding fashion. So Leni!

Lori Loud

Lori Loud, the eldest of the Loud bunch, stays true to her place in the family tree being incessantly bossy. Being the only Loud child with a driver’s license, she exploits her sibling’s dependence on her and bosses them around. Lori is sarcastic, easily triggered and a cynical teenager that fits perfectly into the mold of the typical older child. She has a boyfriend named Bobby, and she uses him literally in most of her sentences, and that does not help her case. Lori could be happier when married to Bobby and gets to start her own family.