Crystals have a special place in most of our life. Each and very crystal plays a unique role in our sunshine’s or zodiac sign as they have a particular meaning. Here we have presented six different gems. All you have to do is select any one among them not according to your favourite colour but based on which you are wearing or the one which is referred to you depending on your zodiac sign. After that just have a look at what that crystal says about you-

1) Dalmatian Jasper
If you possess this crystal, then you lack fun and happiness in your life. As you are always stressed and worried that’s why you are a bit down but this crystal will always remind that life is too short to waste and one must enjoy it every moment. One must be a full of positive vibes and should be a positive thinker who can reverse any adverse situation. You must spend time with your family and friends which can be a source of improvement. Since this crystal signifies an anti-smoking crystal so it can also help in removing your habit of continuous smoking.

2) Mahogany Obsidian
This represents that you are standing at the turning point of your life from where all the negativities are going to terminate from your life, and you are ready to welcome all the happiness and positive elements in your life. Never let the feeling of resentment and wariness restrict you over positive aspects as this can cause trouble in your life.

3) Opalite
Your internal soul is in search of harmony and tranquil. You are not sure that in which direction your life is moving ahead and assume that just similar to this crystal your forthcoming is a bit hazy. You are in search of your space and time. You need to stop and think and guide yourself in a right direction, and this can be done when a strong motivation twitches you towards the positive way.

4) Howlite
If you are connected towards this positive stone, then it may try to give you a solid message. Just keep your senses uncluttered for signs, insight and repetitive patterns that may happen around for accepting proper guidance. It embodies the spiritual chaperons which awake you of the fact that you are not unaided and something beautiful has been already planned from you by the almighty God, and you are just on your journey.

5) Sunstone
This is a hopeful sign for a better forthcoming. If you are subliminal and select this one, then you are in a right way for achieving a great future. Since this stone is an icon of good luck and progressive fate, suddenly you will be feeling a change in yourself and will be energetic after some time. The obstacles are raised for you, and if you are facing them bravely, then this means that you have enough power or strength to it.

6) Green Malachite
This stone symbolizes modification or alteration. If you select this crystal based on your subconscious mind, then it means you are about to go through an enormous revolution which can be of any kind, i.e., physically or emotionally after which you’ll be transformed into a stronger, wiser and a better understanding person. Although it may be tough and challengeable so you must concentrate on your strength to accomplish your target.