Which one is the most compatible personality for you?


While choosing your suitable partner, it’s necessary to check individual parameters apart from physical attraction. Such parameters are based on the several personality traits which should match with your characteristic features. Here are the following characteristics which one should cross-check to find a perfect match. These nine personality behaviours are based on the system of the Enneagram.

Such people are born-perfectionists or at least they want to do things in a better way. They are well-organized and responsible. The most compatible partner for such people is an individualist who can adapt their habits. Such people can also help a reformer in achieving their goals.

They are the one who are generous and are always ready to help others. They have an excellent memories who can remember birthdays and special occasions. Their perfect match is a challenger who can protect and save them from difficulties. They will encourage a helper to raise their voice. Avoid individualists as they can mislead these people.

They are those people who are successful in their life. They are hard-working in nature who concentrate on their next target. They are extrovert and always search for admirers. The perfect match for them is an Enthusiast whose impulsiveness always motivate them.

They doesn’t like to copy anyone else. They wish to be unique and their own self. The perfect match for them is a Reformer as they can help them in achieving their target of being self. Avoid helpers as they will try to make individualist dependent on them always.

Such people are introvert and prefer reading and writing for expressing their thoughts and emotions. They appreciate intellect people and also motivators who can inspire them. The perfect partners for them is an Enthusiast who can take them out from their restricted boundaries and add enjoyment in their life. Such people should avoid challengers as they enjoy interacting with their partners.

Such people can’t trust other people easily. They cannot be loyal to other people until and unless those people prove themselves. Once they are at ease, they will dedicate themselves entirely to their partner. Their perfect match is a Pacemaker who can result as a long-term monogamous match. They should never prefer an Achiever as they can avoid their mates.

These people love thrill and venture. They are energetic and always like to plan. Such people are creative and extrovert. Their compatible match is an Investigator who can calm down their energy to an optimum level. Avoid reformer due to their regulatory influence.

Such people don’t appreciate to be regulated or controlled by others, so they govern themselves. They are conclusive, practical, energetic, and possess strong willpower. Their perfect match is a helper who can always help them in maintaining their personality. They can also reduce their stress and enhance their performance.

Such people avoid conflicts and are always in search for peace and harmony. They are introvert up to some extent as they avoid anything which can disturb their state of mind. Their perfect match is a loyalist who can maintain their peace of mind as one can rely on them completely. Such people should avoid achiever as they are goal-oriented.