Turkey, is that on your list?

Things to do in turkey that will sink into your soul-How does it feel to live in your own native country? What about traveling to other cities and nations? If you are a travel maniac, you must have prepared a record of the places you have visited and those which still lie untouched in your catalog. Well, before you make another move, there’s a fantastic country that you should add to your wish list. It is none other than the serene and beautiful Turkey.

Yes, the idea of writing this bit has been inspired by a person who has experienced her stay in this stunning nation for two years. So, you can be sure that it has been passed on directly from the horse’s mouth. Let’s now see what Turkey has in store for you.

#1 Cheap rates, authentic products

Things to do in turkey that will sink into your soul

Though there are malls all around, the aura of the bazaars is something that steals away your hearts. It is always full of people shopping and eating. You can never go to the Turkish markets and return an empty stomach. The more bags you carry, the better. You might want to check out some new things that aren’t even on your list. Some masterpieces attract the eyes, while others vouch for the soul. You gradually understand that the brand always doesn’t matter.

Nonetheless, your bazaar spree won’t be a wrong choice either as you can grab some authentic products, which are very pocket – friendly. One thing that you must carry to your shopping hours is your bargaining skills. You can quickly get your hands on the stuff at a much lower cost as well. Secondly, every seller might help you for free with some sample items, mainly food, but that doesn’t mean that you are rude or ignorant towards their approach. Brighten your colorful trip to the bazaars and lose yourself in the wonder.

#2 Driving without traffic are you?

Things to do in turkey that will sink into your soul

Turkey is no less jammed than Indian roads. You might possess a driving license, but that doesn’t shorten your hours in the traffic block. Thanks to the narrow lanes of this place, it won’t be late before you let out your violent streak. Istanbul might cause you to get stuck at one point in a more difficult way. Guess what, arguments also don’t take much time to be heated up amongst the drivers.

Nevertheless, it is in situations like these that you realize the value of patience. If not, then some stress buster exercises might help you out.

#3 Ferry ride it is

Things to do in turkey that will sink into your soul

If you wish to put your feet in the capital city, then nothing but the ferry ride sorts out your distance. Shared by both Europe and Asia, travelling to Istanbul might seem difficult by road. In that case, perfect sailing is a must. Not only does it save you your time and lethargy, but it rejuvenates you with a thrilling feel.

What’s more, you can jump over your boat with just 1 dollar in your wallet. It would take you less than 30 minutes to reach the other corner of Istanbul.

Further, you can sip down your coffee and relish a few delicious cookies until then.

#4 Friends with breakfast

Things to do in turkey that will sink into your soul

If you are an extrovert, who keeps fewer secrets and instead speaks your heart out, then Turkey is like a cherry on your cake. To save yourself from being tagged reserved and boring, it is good to indulge in engaging conversations. Besides, you get to learn new things and see an entirely different perspective on life. Breakfast is the best meal to meet up with people and make friends for a lifetime. People sit together for their morning meal only to have a good gathering and savor the delicacies in front. No one ever confronts you for overeating too. Talking about food on your breakfast table, you will never find such diversity anywhere. The plates may be smaller, yet it won’t prevent you from tasting the variety displayed. Often, olives, jam, bread, cheese, meat, eggs, honey, and all fruits and vegetables take center stage. When you are full and fed, no one would be offended to hear you say ‘I’m done’. Every dish then goes for refrigeration until the next morning.

#5 Pet your pet

Things to do in turkey that will sink into your soul

If having a pet around is considered as your lucky charm, then definitely Turkey is the perfect country for you. Be you a cat lover or a dog master; you get so many similar minds that it is impossible for you not to be friends with them. From your Turkish pals, you will hear about the cute story of Prophet Muhammad and a cat. He so admired the animal and didn’t wish to disturb her from her sleep that he cut off his robe before getting up for his evening prayer. The cat continued to take the peaceful nap on his robe. Therefore you would notice how every creature is given its share of dignity and respect in Turkey. Each person in this nation owns a pet. The best part is that they can take their pets anywhere, and everywhere they go. You go shopping, sightseeing, photoshoots or office; your pet walks by your side. The only disadvantage of this pleasing appeal is that you might have to pay huge amounts for your pet to get treated. It might equal the amount you would spend on your health issues. Sometimes when it comes to your cherished little possessions, even money won’t fail, right?

#6 Relish the Mussels

Things to do in turkey that will sink into your soul

It isn’t appropriate that you talk about everything in a country and forget it’s street foods. Well, when it comes to Turkey, you really can’t ditch the topic. The mussels here steal not just your palate but your hearts as well. Everywhere you go, you’ll find them. So, you need not run around looking for them. If you love spicy stuff, then you should surely give them a try. That is how the Turks like it too with a pinch of lemon. Mussels are one of the traditional dishes that Turkey can offer you. And, if you are on a diet, then it could be an added treat to the toast.

#7 Resorts forever

Things to do in turkey that will sink into your soul

Do you love to stay in the resort? What if it’s beachside? Doesn’t that makeup for a perfect combo? Hold on; Turkey has something much better in store for you. Some of your most memorable romantic dates could work out in hot air balloon trips and cave hotels of Cappadocia. If you want to add a Greek feel to your travel, choose Kas. Away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine, the calm and sorted atmosphere of the place will touch your soul to the core. That is what Turkey looks like when you are tripping around it. It has one of the finest resorts that’s worth all the money you spend on it.

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#8 Simiiiiiit!

Yes, that’s how you begin your day in Turkey: with a simit! Like the pan de sal of the Philippines and the croissant of France, so is the simit of Turkey. Made using the dough, this bread topped with sesame seeds or poppy is a tradition that can’t be kept at bay by locals and foreigners alike. Street vendors wake you up in the morning with their call of ‘Taze Simit’. You only have to open your window and shout back the same. It might seem awkward to you at first because of people noticing. But, then you see that it is hard to resist those circular simits. Almost everyone on your lane would welcome this delicacy as you do.

#9 Sip it often

Nobody would ever ask you why you drink tea so much in Turkey. That’s because everyone adores it in the same way as you. You can gulp down 20 cups of tea without any hesitation. Howbeit, the Turks generally prefer the small cups and without additional spices like mint. So, if you wish to follow the custom there, it would be fine to put a stop to your large cups of caffeine dose. Instead, drink it often in less quantity after every meal and throughout your day.

#10 Street taxi? No

Foreigners are always so innocent to fall into the traps of the local vendors and drivers. You may notice the same in your own country, and so is the same in this Eurasia country too. Like your town, boarding a street taxi can cost you lots and leave you in debt, unlike the still better cabs. It would be good to book your cab from a modern app, which already shows you the rate according to the distance to be traveled. Otherwise, you would find yourself yelling and pleading the taxi drivers to pull across the route you know and charge you appropriately. Be sure that all such sayings are going to fall on deaf ears. They will outsmart you with taking the longest route even if your destination is just a mile away without a navigation system. What’s more, some taxi drivers might leave you halfway down the road, asking you to pay the full amount while forcing you to walk down the rest of the distance. Hence, prioritize your safety first and board a nice cab.

Now, that was how Oli described her experience in Turkey. You might have concluded that it’s a mix of both sweet and spicy. Everything is like that itself, like two sides of a coin. All the story penned down must have formed in your mind as well. Nevertheless, it won’t be complete unless you feel it yourself. A new world, new people, new tastes await you! What are you waiting for now? Write down your experience in Turkey post your visit. And, remember, don’t be a tourist, be a traveler.