Match your skirt with your shoes correctly

How to match your skirt with your shoes? Have you ever faced the reality of pairing your shoes with the clothes you pick? It is every girl’s dread. Well, if you think that it has become quite difficult for you to match your shoes with the dress you wear rightly, then this article should come around as a help to you. And especially, if you love to adorn your skirts, then it’s a bonus. There are a variety of skirts around you depending on their length, design, quality, etc. It might have disturbed you a lot in choosing your adorable set of shoes according to each type.

Here let’s take a closer look at the different kinds of skirts in your wardrobe, and which shoes suit it the best.

#1 A-line skirt? Grab your heels

Match your skirt with shoes

Medium and high heels look the best on your A-line skirt. If you ask why; it is because these outfits make you seem bulkier with wide hips and short legs. But, your heels mask those attributes to gift you with a slim figure. Nonetheless, it is wholly your choice if you wish to look shorter with a pair of sneakers on your A-line. You can opt for your heels according to the weather and your comfort level.

#2 Flared skirt? Heels, hurrah

Match your skirt with shoes

Your flared skirt is appealing to the eyes when you wear your raised heels along. You can decide on the type and height of your shoes with the perfect match of colors. According to the occasion, you can shift from high heeled boots on a stormy day to a stiletto on a dine out. For the summers, platform sandals would do the trick.


#3 Maxi skirt? Choose from platform or high heels

Match your skirt with shoes

Your maxi skirt will catch the desired effect when its paired alongside a set of platform heels or long pointed heels. This way your waistline would be perfectly evident, the outcome which the maxi skirt is styled to achieve. An elevated platform sandal can be worn in summers with your long dress. Whereas, winter asks for a covered costume piece like the boots with a high heel ankle. Your maxi skirt will go well with a similar shade of belts and shoes as a whole.

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#4 Midi skirt? You have everything

Match your skirt with shoes

Almost every kind of shoe matches well with your midis. Not only does it offer you your comfort, but it also is the summer’s delight for casual wear. Flat sandals or shoes exposing your toes can be your pick if you want proper shoes with them. Select your sneakers when you are out on a long pleasure walk. Wearing an off-shoulder top with similar shades will add to your prettiness.

#5 Miniskirt? Pair with your boots, please

Match your skirt with shoes

A statement – heel boots feel magical on your mini skirt. It enhances your confidence and makes you stand out from the crowd. To achieve a more hard rock or luxurious look, pair your mini dress and long heeled heavy boots having laces. To steal a more casual look, give your brogues a turn.

Further, winters call for fully covered outfits. Your knee-length boots would be the correct fit in this case.

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#6 Pencil skirt? Go for low heels

Pencil skirt? Go for low heels

Comfort is one thing that should always be your priority. Even if you are making a rush for your heels, opt only those that make your feet lively. Low heels work well on your pencil skirt. And, these skirts are another priceless garment which you can’t be too bored to flaunt over and over again. Another option is your strappy heels and mules that are worth a watch with knee-length and long pencil skirts.

#7 Tulip skirt? Keep your toes open

Tulip skirt? Keep your toes open

Show off your feminine features with shoes covering your ankles and airing your toes. That is what the tulip skirt is designed to display. It highlights your curves plus your hips. So, choosing the appropriate shoes will put the cherry on your cake. Your gladiator sandals having straps or shoes with pointing toes can aid you in the same. Keep sneakers as your last resort when everything goes out of its way.

#8 Wrap skirt? Vote for your flats

Wrap skirt? Vote for your flats

A flat sole looks stunning enough on your wrap round in every season. Nonetheless, there’s no stopping you from going gaga over your heels either. As the wrap skirt shapes up like your body, feel free to experiment it with each apparel and then stick to the best.

This advice has been gathered from fashion experts. You might have understood the popular trends of matching along with the traditional skirts which should fill your closet.

Now, are you ready to set yourself comfortable in your favorite shoes and skirt? Don’t hesitate to share these tips with your buddies as well.