Things you’ve been doing wrong unknowingly, and ways to correct them.



You might be doing some things unknowingly that is ruining your appearance. You need to stop doing them for your own good. Let’s have a look.

1. Not using sunscreen on your face. You should apply a sunscreen on your face that’ll protect it from harmful UV rays and will also prevent age spots.

2. Sitting crossed leg have a bad effect on your blood circulation.

3. Stop combing wet hair. It does more harm to your hair than you can ever think of.

4. Don’t make tight ponytails too often. You may suffer from baldness if you always make a tight ponytail. Let your hair be free.

5. Drinking too much milk can clog your skin pores.

6. Don’t pluck your eyebrows too often.

7. Clean your purse and stop putting unnecessary things inside.