Tips To Grow Longer Eyelashes



Tips to grow eyelashes-A lady’s eyes are known to define her beauty. Eyes are a door to the heart and a reflection of the inner soul. The beauty of your lashes depends on the kind of eyelashes you possess. The longer, the better. Eyelashes get thin due to various environmental factors, stresses or even medical conditions. A lot of women carve for long and thick eye-lashes. So today I am going to talk about various ways through which you can achieve eyelashes- thick and long!

Tricks to longer eyelashes:

In the market, you will find a list of eyelash growth products. We all know them as eyelash enhancer or conditioner or eyelash food. Eyes are delicate so make sure you are using the right products on them, or it will do more harm than good to you. For stimulating the growth of eyelashes, these products are applied directly to the lash line. Some of these products are as follows-

  • Latisse- it has bimatoprost which enhances the eyelash growth.
  • Rapidlash Eyelash Renewal System- Contains antioxidants and vitamins which helps promote growth.
  • Lilash- Has Lupinus albus seed extract, glycerin, colloidal silver, silica and panthenol which strengthens the eyelash and lets it grow.
  • Ravitalash- Treats the brittle and weak lash. It helps to strengthen the eyelashes.
  • Lashfood- Acts as a natural eyelash conditioner.

There are many similar products which are present in the market. All of them have their prescribed methodology of use and you should make sure that you use it as per the directions specified. Do make sure you consult a physician before you use any of these products. Some products can cause irritation to your eyes, so it is best to consult a doc.


Using eyelash extensions gives the eyes a luxurious look. It has been around since the 1990s and a lot of celebs are seen wearing it. These extensions should be put at salons, for the best results. This process is a little time consuming but once it is applied correctly, it looks great on your eyes. It bonds well and it does stay for a couple of months.

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Tips to grow eyelashes