Tips to grow long nails we women love to flaunt our nails, don’t we? Having cute bright nails are entirely in vogue, and they do look gorgeous. Healthy white nails look appealing, and they can boost up your confidence. Fortunate are those who have pinkish nails. If your nails are rough, yellowish or whitish, you probably end into corrupt ways of life. There are a lot of sacrifices, worries and so on and so forth in their lives, based on Bhavishya Puran.

Tips To Grow Long Nails

Let us not get into personality and nails. Today, we are going to focus on tips that will make your nails long and healthy.

If you are someone who is in constant use of detergents, solvents, etc., your nails are prone to chipping action. The nails become transparent towards the tips, and a lot of these women suffer from the hang-nail problem as the cuticles are not moisturized well. 

Tips To Grow Long Nails

Let us have little in-depth knowledge about the nail first before we jump into the tips!

The growth of nails happens from the matrix, which is under the cuticle. Matrix is the part of the nail which lives, and the cuticle is the protective layer on this. Hence it is essential that the cuticle remains healthy. When new cells are produced by the matrix, older cells become hard and get directed towards the fingertips. Based on your health and heredity too, the nails grow faster or slower. But usually, the nails grow 0.1 mm, each day.

nails structure

So how exactly can we achieve long and healthy nails?

• Nutrition:

Consume an adequate amount of liquids and ample water.
Tips To Grow Long Nails

Your nails tend to get brittle if there is less Vitamin A present. Having carrots daily which have Vitamin A, phosphorous and calcium acts as an excellent combo for nail strength. They work equally well for better eye-vision.


Tips To Grow Long Nails

Eat more raw veggies and fruits to ensure that you are getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals your nails need to grow strong. Broccoli and onions are rich in sulfur and silicon which again promotes healthy growth of nails. Having zinc deficiency causes white spotting over the nail-surface.

Tips To Grow Long Nails

• Some General Tips 

Stop using your nails as tools to pick or scrape! And that involves not using your nails to open cans as well.

Use gloves when you wash dishes or clean your house. Detergents cause the nails to peel and split, which is not something we are looking for.


Just like our hands, our nails need moisturizing. While moisturizing the hands, apply some on your nails too. Every time you wash your hand, use a moisturizer to make sure that the skin remains supple at all times.

Care for your cuticles-

Never cut or trim your cuticles as it acts as a shield stopping any bacteria from entering the matrix. Overgrown cuticles tend to restrict the growth of the nail. In such cases, you can use a cuticle pusher to push them back, after softening them in warm water. You can also remove any dirt which has collected utilizing this pusher. This will take away the dead skin cells away with it too. Be gentle when you push the cuticle back to its place as you do not want to damage the cuticle by any means. Moisturize your hands after you have done this.

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garlic for nails

Applying garlic juice to the nails will make them lustrous and sturdy.

olive oil for nails

Applying olive oil with some drops of lemon juice will whiten your nails.

Tips To Grow Long Nails

Avoid removing or reapplying nail polish more than once or maximum twice a week as the nail-polish remover tends to dry out the nails. Using the removers which have moisturizers present in them should work fine.

Quick tip:

Applying a thin layer of nail paint will last longer and dry quickly too. The thicker ones tend to chip off rather quickly.

If your nails are very brittle, trim the nails after a shower. Or you can soak your hands in some bath oil followed by some moisturizing. Avoid using nail paint remover more than two times per month. You could always opt for a nail strengthening formula which a lot of nail-paint removers provide.