Check Out The Tips That Help To Save The Money And Our Planet


Tips to save money-Try to use volunteer time to save the planet and start it from your own house. And people will start following you. This way you can help to save our planet. We have listed down a few tips that will help you to cut down the cost of the items of your daily use.

Tips to save money

1. Do not drink bottled water

Tips to save money

It is important for us to remain hydrated during the day. So we need to our water bottles with us which we can reuse. We should not buy plastic bottles to drink water. It is the time to keep your reusable water bottles with you to keep your body hydrated. In this way, there will be less plastic that polluting the earth and Also there will be a few extra dollars to put into your pocket.

2. Do laundry less often

The above picture does not mean to encourage you to wear dirty clothes. If you start your washer fully loaded with clothes, it will save your energy and water both. So we recommend you to use a loaded machine with clothes. You can also try to wash your clothes using a line dry on a sunny day like your grandma used to do it.

3. Use the dishwasher

We know that you can wash a couple of plates yourself. But even then its better to use a dishwasher to wash the dishes. It is a greener option for you. Nowadays dishwashers come with different energy-saving models. With the help of a dishwasher, you can now use 10 litres of water per load.

4. Visit your local stores for shopping

It’s an effortless way by which you can help to save the environment. This way is to avoid purchasing new items. We know it is not easy to stop buying the things. Sometimes it happens like the things for which you are looking for, others buy that thing and do not even need that thing. So we recommend you to visit thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets. You can here find the things that you need and also costs very less.

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5. Do not use paper towels for housekeeping

For housekeeping, use your old t-shirts and towels. In this way, you will not waste more paper and it will also your money and tree. There is already enough garbage in the Pacific Ocean. So, let us try hard not to produce more trash of papers.

6. Read online

Nowadays, almost all books, magazines, other print media have digital versions. You can find such things online to read virtually for free or at a meagre cost. You are saving your money and tree by doing this. And also you save power and fuel which the industries use to recycle the paper items.

7. Support local farmers

It’s time to visit your local farms to get fruits and vegetables because a huge amount of energy is used to transfer the fruits and vegetables from one part of the country to the other part. You can get most of the products at the cheap rates from your local farms, and you will also get the fresh items. And by doing this, you will support a small business.

8. Turn off your electronics after using them

The tech electronics like your computer, TV, and others also use energy while in sleeping mode. So always unplug these electronics when you do not use them. E.g., always turn off your computer when you are not using it.

9. Reduce commute by private vehicles

Exhaust fumes from our vehicles pollute the air, water, and soil, and also harms our health and cause global warming. You need to stop using your private car for transport. Try to use the public transportation, carpool, ride a bike or prefer walking. If you use these to commute to other places, it will improve the quality of the air on our planet.

10. Recycling is a fun

Have you ever heard that one man’s trash is always other man’s tressure? It means that other men can use the trash of one man for his use. It’s the time when you need to make your trash your tressure. Be creative and give a look at the old things and find some creativity in them.

11. Plant your garden at your homes

Even create a small garden in your house. Plant the fruits and vegetables like radishes, spinach, cherry tomatoes, basil, and garlic in the flower pots. More plants give you more oxygen.