Tricks to wear spectacles-Wearing spectacles is not an easy job. And, who would know this better than the people who wear glasses?

But, here are some simple tricks which will help you to live in peace with your spectacles.

Tricks to wear spectacles and make your life easier

1  Finding your glasses in the dark.

Tricks to wear spectacles

It is a common problem for all the people who wear glasses. But, with this hack, the problem will get vanished forever.

Take a fluorescent paint and, with the help of the paint, make a thin line on your glasses. Whoosh! The problem is gone.

2. Cleaning your glasses

Never clean your glasses with your shirt or your sleeves. Of course, many of us do that unaware of the fact that it leaves a lot of minute scratches on the glass which makes it even more difficult for us to see through them. The best fabric to clean the spectacles is, however, a microfabric as it doesn’t leave any scratches and makes them clean.

3. Replacing your glasses

At the time of emergency, when you fail to find your glasses, you can make use of your smart-phone to ponder over the details in more clarity. It works best for the people who are near-sighted.

4. Washing the lenses

The lenses have a protective coat over them. But, it gets damaged if we make use of alcohol, vinegar, ammonia or bleach to wash them. As an alternative, you can make use of dishwashing liquid as it works best if you have to clean your glasses.

5. Prevent the glasses from clouding over.

As the temperature changes, the lenses become opaque due to clouding over. To prevent your vision from getting hampered, you can apply some liquid or hard soap over it get rid of the problem.

6. Don’t make your glasses your hairband

We tend to make the glasses our hairbands when we have to clean or wash our face. But, what we do not know is the fact that this habit makes them lose their shape and they tend to fall off the frame. So, it is better to keep them aside.

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7. Repairing your glasses

If the frame and the earpiece get detached, don’t worry! You can make use of a toothpick as a temporary solution to the problem. Just join the two pieces with the help if the toothpick by inserting it and breaking off the excess.

8. Too broad or too narrow earpiece

If you face any of the problems, then there’s a solution for that also. Take the earpiece and hold it in hot water for a couple of minutes to reduce its stiffness. If your earpiece is too broad that it keeps on slipping, then bend the earpiece in the size which fits your ears. However, if you feel your earpiece to be too tight, then twist the earpiece upwards to reduce the pressure after keeping it in hot water for a few minutes.

9. Adjusting the nosepieces

If you do not find your nosepieces in same the same shape then, keep your glasses on the surface to check and compare if the nosepieces are alike or unlike and, you can adjust them accordingly.

10. The shape of the frame

The shape of the frame plays a crucial role in offering a look to your face. If you have wide-shaped eyes, then opt for thick and prominent looking frames as, it will catch everyone’s attention to the middle of the face, making your eyes look relatively smaller. However, if you own close-set eyes, then opt for the frames which have decorative outer edges as it will help to make your eyes look apart from each other.

11. Driver’s tip!

For the people who drive, ponder over this tip: Do not keep your glasses on the dashboard of the car. The excessive heat witnessed by the glass will deteriorate their shape. So, for a safer side, you can keep your glasses in a special pocket, keeping them covered.