Different types of behavior from which you can find out narcissist


1 Above the rules

Different types of behavior from which you can find out narcissist

Types of behavior-They do not follow any rules and regulations. They make their own rules for their life. They never believe in official rules such as returning the book in the library or following the traffic lights or trying to enter the wrong zone on the road. They are above all this; Nobody can stop them surely. They do what they want to. They are not born to listen to others.

2 No boundaries

They are free to fly. They believe in no limits. Nobody can say no to them. They do not about the word boundaries means they will make sure that you have done their work. They will not return the things they will take from you. They are so selfish that when they want their job done, they can go to any extent just for example like threatening you.

3 Deep insecurity

Different types of behavior from which you can find out narcissist

They are very much insecure about themselves and other people too. They always wanted to hides their insecurities. They are always affected by the people around them. They still show that yes they are happy they are enjoying themselves. They do not care about the people around them and what they say but in reality; they are hollow from inside, This is what the truth is.

4 Need for constant attention

They are one of those people who want attention all day. When they do not get praise for what they have done or do not get attention from the people they get irritated. They start blaming themselves so people can indeed applause them and give them attention all day. They are attention seekers. They are insecure about the care also they got from people.

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5 Blame others for their emotions

Different types of behavior from which you can find out narcissist

No matter who has done this they will always blame other people if it is resulting in some negative emotions. They always try to blame others. They think that others are responsible for their negative feelings. They believe that if they are angry, it is because of other people, they are sad the reason is other people, and if they are upset it is due to disappointment gave by other people. Every emotion that is negative is connected to other people according to them. It will not matter to them if they have hurt other people instead. They will not accept that. Hardly they admit their mistake, and that is wrong on their part.

6 Control freaks

They feel like the real-life is also some fantasy or movie. They want that everyone should run according to than otherwise, they will have to pay for it. If people are not according to them, they get irritated and frustrated. They try to control others and want that nothing should go wrong in their so-called fairytale life. As we discussed in the above point, they started blaming others again if they do not do their role correctly. They want their life just perfect, but they need to keep this in mind and understand that life is never like a fairytale and it will never be like one, Everybody has to make some adjustments in their life, and they need to stop blaming others for their survival.