Choose a pattern and this is how your mind works


Pattern personality test-How you think depends on what you choose. So your choices play an important role in shaping your personality. Here are some of the patterns given below which are different from each other and you have to choose one of them. The one which you will select will tell the type of personality you have. So choose a one and see what kind of traits do you have.

1 Clear and different

In this picture every angle is different. It is just making a simple figure. All dimensions are joining together to make this clear pattern if this is your choice then this shows that you are clear and distinct.

You just follow the simple rule find the cause of the problem then solve it and hence finally conclude it. You are more oriented at small things but very different from others. You believe in finding the cause of any problem instead of just solving it. So it makes your personality a little different and unique.

2 Interlinked

This pattern is very complex containing so many edges and so many vertices. This pattern is complicated to understand.

If this is your choice, then you are the kind of person who is not driven by outer appearance who believes in profoundly understanding the person rather than judging them with their outward appearance. You understand complex things very easily and deeply. This is how your personality is.

3 Bold and Straight

This pattern seems to be very simple, but the main thing is every line is bold, and it has its own identity. Yes, it is not very complex as you can see.

Your basic one rule is simplicity. You are extremely bold and straight. What you are from inside is what you are from outside. You keep everything just very clear straight and simple whether it is your relationship or any other problem. You do not make things complicated, and this is the best thing.

4 Layered and complex

Pattern personality test-The pattern you pick will reveal your personality

It is a very awesome pattern, but it is very complicated and has different layers in it.

If you choose this one, then the same patterns follow in your life. Your life also has so many layers in it. You seem to be a simple person, but you are not. You are not that easy to understand. You have different qualities which add to your personality. One quality is not enough to describe to you that is what you are layered and complex.

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5 Solution-oriented

Pattern personality test-The pattern you pick will reveal your personality

There are no hidden things in this pattern. What you see is here what you can see.

This pattern shows that you believe in solutions. Instead of finding the cause of the problem you are keen to solve the issues, You have an excellent ability to solve the problems, and you have a mind which is bent towards the solution-oriented things. Your mind automatically works on finding the answer as soon as possible.

6 Extroverted

Pattern personality test-The pattern you pick will reveal your personality

It is a very different and creative pattern. It is somewhat different and unique from the patterns you have seen above.

You know what an extrovert is who speaks what in his or her mind. He does not keep anything secretive, and you are the same kind of person. The external environment is very much important to you. You are easily affected by other people. You enjoy yourself with others also.

7  Introverted

Pattern personality test-The pattern you pick will reveal your personality

It is a perfect pattern which is looking like a pyramid. It has multiple dimensions.

The pattern you choose is this then you are an introvert kind of a person. Your thoughts remain to you only. You like your world. No matter what is going on in the surroundings, you are only affected by yourself. You know what your main trait is this is your self-awareness. You are very well self-aware.

8 Creative and perfectionist

Pattern personality test-The pattern you pick will reveal your personality

You are very creative, and what do you do just perfectly. You like to take new decisions in life. You are a person who everybody wants to be. You have an artistic mind. Not everyone can read your mind. You make perfect choices in your life, and everybody appreciates you.