Some Unanswered Questions In The World That No One Has Still Found The Solution For


Unanswered questions-Everyone loves to possess a mysterious life. On the one side, we try to rationalize it, and the other one secretly enjoys the enigma of it. It is the reason why we should unanswered in the history of science. It is the reason that it is the unexplored Universe and we are enjoying it. It makes us sure for the question of who we are and from where did we come and where we want to go? Well, if we’re going to look for the answers, we will also look for the creepy things around the world for which there is no answer with the scientists.

One may ask why women have a massive chest?

Unanswered questions that will blow your mind

It is true that the women chest release milk when it is time to give birth to their child. But apes do not have the massive chest while women possess it even if it is not the time to give birth. People are questioning why this is the case. Well, according to the research we all people evolute and hence it is to attract men towards them.

The ocean

Ocean provides a lot of pleasure to us. If someone wants to for a holiday, then they will prefer to go to the beach or the mountain area. We enjoy castles, moon tides, and peaceful dawns. The blue whales and the ocean color tickles the mind. There is one ugly side of the oceans too like ferocious animals, volcanic eruptions, and the earthquakes. These all are natural and beyond the scope of the human. Till now 95% of the seabed has not explored and no one knows what happens there & this is one of the unanswered questions nobody has its answer.

The Triangle

This is the second one unanswered questions-Well until now we have discussed the oceans and the natural phenomena, and now we will talk about The Bermuda Triangle. It is the Western part of the North Atlantic ocean which gives the silent witness of the storms and the strange accidents. The ships that vanish there and the airplanes crashed are not yet found.

Animals and the earthquakes

It is a fact that animals can predict earthquakes very often and before their arrival. But many other scientists disagree with the truth. For example, take the incidence of the city Haicheng in China. The earthquake was 7.9 magnitude, and people were aware of it before because dogs of that region started barking with the strange behavior.

Water all over

There is a lot amount of water on the planets if we forget the oceans. But it is an irony that the scientist know very little. The water the most of the space on the earth but becomes less dense when it freezes. You must have noticed the glass water bottle that breaks when it is in the frozen form. All other liquids also become less dense and often occupy less space.

Time-Hello There?

The scientist has discovered that time is relative always. They have spent a lot of time in the space stations rather than living on the earth. They have forgotten all the comforts on the earth surface and lived the maximum of their time in research work. But yet now they have not found that why if it is 10:27 am in India and 7:57 am in Moscow. There is no single equation out for such difference.

The Pi Problem

We must always be thought of that water is ubiquitous. But Mr. Pi in the maths class proved wrong. We don’t know how many years we will spend on it to find the exact value. The number of times we calculate its value and the same it will always present the solution differently. The entire universe cannot fit in the Pi.

The dimensions of the space

Well, if we have done the schooling but then also it is difficult to understand the three-dimensional space around us. Because there are many directions up and down, back and front, and right and left. Now the matter is how these are only three types? Then we went through the Youtube video to find out the truth. And still, there is no fact out for it.

Burning Humans

Have you ever noticed the fact where humans start burning without even seeing the fire? Does no one know from where does this fire come? There is no answer to such questions.