Unhealthy shower habits-Showering is always considered a good habit, which it is, but what if I tell you that there are certain specifics that you might be doing wrong while taking a relaxing shower? It is a necessity, and that’s all we concentrate on but often forget that there are many soaps and scrubs containing harmful chemicals and even water cannot wash them away. They stay to harm your skin. I know that there is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower after a long day, but you have to be careful about your health. Here I am going to lay down some of the common mistakes that we often overlook while taking a shower.

Washing your face with warm water

unhealthy shower habits

It is very convenient and may you may even feel it be soothing to wash your face under the shower with warm water but remember that that is not what the sensitive skin of your face needs. The skin of our face is a bit sensitive than the rest of the body, and therefore there are all these different products primarily for your face which are not the same that you apply on your body. The only way to keep the skin safe is to wash your face with lukewarm water and not hot water.

Not washing your feet

Okay, so I am not aware that where this myth came from that just by standing under the shower, your feet do not need any cleaning, because wet feet are supposed to be clean, and that is not true. Your feet carry a lot of stuff with it when you walk around, and you need to get rid of it while taking a shower. So wash your feet carefully while you are under the shower because clean feet will save you from many diseases that you may encounter if you are not in the habit of washing your feet.

Not replacing your loofah regularly

There is another misconception that we have, that your loofah is free of all moulds and bacteria because you have given it a decent wash after your shower. Moulds live in wet and warm conditions and guess what your loofah is exactly the haven they want. So make a note to wash your loofah properly after a bath and change it once every month if you do not want to share it with moulds.

Using a soap dish

Again, if you do not want to make friends with the bacteria and fungi, then you need to get rid of that soap dish if you use bar soap. So for the same reason as above, purchase a wire soap dish or the one with spikes. It will even prevent your soap from being all over the place, and that is a yay for you because soap creates a lot of mess.

Using liquid scented soaps

Liquid scented soaps are not everyone’s friend, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. Sure the fragrance will make you dream about a garden full of flowers, but the chemicals used for including that fragrance are not the contents that you want on your skin. Don’t be mesmerised by the sweet smell as it can lead your skin into irritation. A better alternative is using a bar soap with no fragrances, colourings or any other harmful substances.

Using old razors

Okay, attention guys, listen carefully when I say that you should not use a razor to the very end of its life until it becomes useless. Razors are no different from the bar of soaps or the loofahs as they can also make life, and when I say life I mean bacteria and fungi, grow upon them. So don’t rent your razor to moulds and keep replacing them from time to time. In addition to this, if your razor is not sharp enough it will give you some small cuts which are too small for your naked eye but big enough for the little one, i.e. moulds.

Leaving your razor in the shower

Find a neat and dry place for your razor, and I’m sure your shower ain’t that place. So here we go again, a damp and warm environment will make your razor a good enough place for the fungus to grow. If you want still keep it near the shower, you better find a dry place where you can hang the razor, so it gets dry thoroughly and quickly.

Washing your hair daily this is one of the unhealthy shower habits you should leave behind.

Some people seem to believe that washing their hair every day is a good habit but guess what it’s not that good of a plan even if the weather is scorching. Understand that your scalp produces oil which is necessary so that it does not become dry. Washing your hair daily will make your scalp go dry and cause it to overcompensate for the oil it has lost. The result will be oily hair which you are probably trying to escape all this while, washing your hair daily.

Not taking a shower after exercising

Have I mentioned bacteria and fungi liking a particular type of environment? Sweat is just what these living organisms need. So just spare a few minutes after a heavy workout because you do not want all that sweat over you for a whole day. Provide an inhospitable environment to the bacteria and fungi and you’re ready to go. *Giggles*

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Not moisturising your skin properly

Moisturizing your skin is way more important than you give it credit for. And guys, it’s not just for girls, so quit the machoness and moisturise your skin. Applying a moisturiser right after a hot shower is good because it absorbs quickly in a warm skin. It will even replace the moisture that your skin loses after a hot shower. So, moisturise your way to a healthy looking skin.

Did you find any of the mistakes that you have been doing all your life and then this article hit you like a bus? If yes, then take note of the errors because you cannot achieve a healthy skin without skipping these mistakes. Do not forget to share some of your tips on healthy shower habits because I want to read all about it in the comments below.

Stay healthy!

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