Drink water or face the reality

drink water or face the reality

Importance of drinking water-You should honestly confront yourself on how much amount of water you gulp down daily. Is it anywhere near the average level? And what if you work out frequently. Does your indulgence in this liquid increase or swing to the lowest following it? If you are in double minds on whether to enjoy your colorless fluid post-workout, you should give this a quick read.

More than half of your body is filled with water, and it replenishes soon, through sweating, urination, and breathing. Based on your lifestyle and physical activity, water loss and retention may vary. It is said that you should drink about 8 liters of water daily. Sadly, out of the whole, you drain out nearly 4-8 cups of water due to sweating itself.

Hence, not only should you be sipping water after your exercise hour, but also take them in between your sessions and furthermore, two hours before it. Here, we bring you the importance of drinking water, and especially after your heavy exercise.

Also, find out how ignoring your water needs can bring the worst makeover in your tip-top system.

#1 Chaos in your heart


Importance of drinking water: Here is how much water should you drink

If you desire to pressurize your lively heart, then depriving yourself of your regular fluid intake will do the needful. It happens because the blood vessels contract sensing the shortage of fluid in the body, and therefore tries to save it as much as possible. Your heart then struggles hard to circulate the thick blood through narrow openings. Besides, both your circulatory and nervous system retains the available water and sodium ions, thereby elevating your blood pressure. These changes ultimately shoot up your heart rate. The lesson you learn: Drink more fluids to sustain your heart longer.

#2 Darn those nasty cramps

Importance of drinking water: Here is how much water should you drink

Don’t lend a deaf ear to someone who suggests you hydrate yourself more frequently during your fitness sessions. If you have ever hopped into a gym, your instructor might have indeed advised you to keep a record of your portion of water, as it can prevent sudden cramps and spasms. And, how? The intercellular fluid movement within your body is regulated by essential elements like sodium and potassium, apart from the other factors. Water maintains this salt balance as they get eliminated timely with your sweat. In the absence or minimization of water, the supply of minerals gets affected leading to shoulder cramps and calf spasms. So, along with breathing deeply during your exercises, you also require to feed on the water time and again.

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#3 Feeling bloated, yeah?

Importance of drinking water: Here is how much water should you drink

If you are into reducing weight, but not seeing any serious effect, you need to check your water diet. Yeah, going about with the notion that drinking more water might hold it back in your system is not entirely justifiable. Fluid retention in your body may also occur because you are avoiding it too much. Indulging in other sweetened snacks to quench your thirst might only hinder your way to a fit living. Not only would you suffer a setback from your weight loss regime, all the more depressing would be your bloating troubles. You won’t feel good enough to run about with a bumpy tummy, right? Hence, make it a priority to patch up with your fluids.

#4 Late night binging

Importance of drinking water: Here is how much water should you drink

Are you sure that you are craving for food or is it your dry throat that is signaling you? Staying dehydrated for long might confuse you with your hunger pangs, leaving you binging on food instead of your drinks. When you feel like gobbling up all the junk and imagine every kind of tasty stuff, you need to make out that it is your real thirst which is tricking you. Pour down some liquid down your system and check whether your hunger persists or wards away. If you are still attacked by hunger, snack on some healthy foods.

#5 Inviting further pain

inviting further pain

It is not always Google which helps you out, most of the times, a few ounces of water works wonders. You might be feeling very lethargic and be injured down to your nerves. Probably, you might have headed to Dr. Google for the diagnosis part. Well, you should stop there. It is because such scenes arise even when the water supply doesn’t meet the demands of your body. You can be more prone to injuries when the cushioning and lubrication of your joints are disrupted due to a lack of fluids. What’s more, your little negligence can give rise to significant pains like hypothermia and hyperthermia. Further, your bones and joints won’t be able to tolerate the heavyweights and high intense fitness sessions. Better safe than sorry!

#6 Welcome the moody days

welcome the moody days

Watch out; your mood swings are back. You know why? If too much of anything is bad for you, then too little of anything also isn’t right. Do you realize that saying no to water can reduce the supply of oxygenated blood in your system? Your simultaneous strenuous workout adds to the mess. Following this pattern, it won’t be late before you are struck down by the hassles of dehydration. In addition to the vast volumes of tiredness that you face, depression is another issue that could leave you in a worse situation. Compromising on your water intake is the reason behind all these problems. If possible, say no to stress and your uninvited moods with a glass of water.

#7 Wrinkles too young

wrinkles too young

Nobody wants to age before their time, isn’t it? If you also think in the same lines, then make water your all-time favorite. You might not understand how this pure medicine heals you rather than those over-the-counter prescriptions. Only this tasteless liquid can prevent the collagen in your skin from cracking and giving rise to wrinkles. You don’t want to publicize the aftereffects of dehydration, right? You can easily iron your clothes to make them crease-free. Similarly, make your skin look more lively without the unwanted pack of creases, folds, and ridges by necking down enough water.

You are doing much harm to your body then, if you are not responding to your thirst after an excellent Zumba, cardio, walking or even jogging. Any physical activity you practice makes you lose water via sweat, as your body maintains its typical temperature. Therefore, to balance the loss, you need to wait for additional water.

Save your essentials from going kaput by hoarding on more and more water than your other drinks or foods.