Worried About The Back Pains, Try These Back Pain Relief Tricks That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby


Relieve back pain-If you among 31 million people who are currently suffering from back pain, don’t worry we feel your pain. It looks so disgusting and irritating to see after your kiddos and washing off the bathtub while sitting on a chair.

We want to see you stand tall and raise high without any back pain. So to do that we bring you seven back stretches that are so simple, that you can complete it under 10 minutes.

Tricks to relieve back pain by these tricks

Downward Facing Dog:

Relieve back pain

Most of the yoga artist is familiar with this pose and knows how to execute it. Stand in a neutral position, folding your body forward, taking care that your hands must reach the mat. From there, place your palms flat on the ground and move your legs back. Bend your knees for a perfect stretch.

Upward facing dog:

It’s time to show some love and affection towards your lower back pain. For this position, lay on your back with your belly facing mat and tops of your feet facing down to the mat. Stretch up your legs and push your palms down as if you are doing a pushup. Fix your eye skyward and stretch your body as much as you can.

Standing Forward Bend:

I know that the mat is very comfortable but now is the time to raise your feet. With your abs engaged and knees neutral, bend your upper body towards the floor and reach your fingers down to your mat. Don’t worry if you are unable to touch the mat but try your best. From that position, fold up your hands close to your elbows and gently sway back and forth.

Cat-Cow Pose:

Start this pose by being in the tabletop position with both your knees down on the mat, keeping your neck neutral and loose. Stretch and arch your back while gazing at the ceiling this will help you to relieve back pain.

Seated Spinal Twist:

Do you often request your partner for shoulder massage? If yes, then this pose is the most suitable one for you. Start with both the legs out and then crossing one leg over the other so that your foot lands are flat on the ground. Rest your elbow on the side of the knee and stretch your fingers out as if you are waving.

Wind Relieving Pose:

Looking for a pose that you can simply do even laying on your bed? All you need to do is lie down flat on your back realizing that your entire back hits the floor or the bed or the mat. From there lift both your knees up towards your chest and then lift your chin towards your kneecap.

Child’s Pose:

Now that your whole body and mind is relaxed end up your exercise with this child pose. Start with pressing your knees down to the floor and lower your belly to the floor. You can also reach your arm towards the opposite side of the room when your head hits the floor. You will come to know that this posture is very smooth and comfortable that you can fall asleep with it.