Here’s what the shape of your toe reveals about your personality


Here is a new method with the help of which one can discover several mysterious and interesting facts related to their personality. One can now reveal several information by simply observing the shape of their toes. Don’t believe my words? Then check it yourself-

1) Roman Toes
This is the most common shape observed among the population. In this, the first toe is the largest and rest of them decreases in descending order. Those who possess these kinds of toes are friendly and helpful. They are also admired by others.

2) Fire Toes
Such people have their second toe as the longest toe as compared to the first one. While other toes decrease in order. Such people are creative, ambitious and enthusiastic. They are fun-loving and good planners too!

3) Square Toes
These kinds of toes are also known as Peasant Foot which denotes that all the toes are of the same length. Such people are caring, loyal and can solve any conflict with ideal solutions.

4) Extra-small Toes
They appear to be similar to Roman toes but the only difference between the two is that in this kind the last or fifth finger is very small. These people are open-minded and trustworthy.

5) Wide-set Toes
In this set, there is a lot of space present between each toe. Such people are travellers and love to discover new places.

6) Warrior Toes
In this, the first toe is too long and wide and the other four toes are of the same length. Such people are good at arguments and debates and surely win each of them.

7) Inclined Toes
These kinds of toes comprise a space between the second and third toe. These people are usually silent, peace-lovers and prefer their own company.

8) Stretched Toes
In these kinds of toes, the first toe is separated with other toes due to a gap. Such people possess devil’s attitude and are independent.