Why these trends are kept in fashion


Weird fashion trends-Every era has a trend in itself, and we have seen many kinds of fashion. We often are made confused by the trending genre of fashion.

In this article, we are going to present some pictures which will make you think about why they are made exactly! So, let’s have fun here.

Weird fashion trends still exist

  • They are not poor, but they are following a kind of fashion.

Weird fashion trends still exist

This lady is wearing a pant having a short area of the clothes. Poor lady! Maybe she had not been able to afford the expense of the whole clothes! Are you thinking the same? If yes then we have to say that you should think a little different. Yes, this lady is not poor, but she is following a kind of fashion.

  • Confusing combo

These shoes are making a contradiction because they are not supposed to be like this. They are in the confusing combo as they have two different vouchers together.

  • Summer collection

This is what when your air conditioner does not work and you get a hard summer. Now, you can choose these types of summer collection but remember your friends as if they are not going to object to what you are having.


  • Someone tried to attack me.

This lady seems like she was going to have formal dress up, but suddenly someone advised her to dressed up informal stuff. Another thing she seems as if someone tried to attack her and she somehow got escaped from the situation.

  • Best out of waste

Here you can see that someone has used its waste to make the best thing. So many old jeans are collected and designed, and we can see the result here as a new jacket has been prepared so this is the best out of waste.

  • When you don’t have a proper cloth to wear

This lady has made a unique and different skirt, and it seems like she had not been provided with any kind of cloth that’s why she went for the metals or plastic stuff.

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  • When polythene got banned

If you have a strong wish to break the rules, you may go for this kind of fashion. This was what when our government got polythene banned but some people were compelled to break the rule due to nature, and that is what they got here.

  • When people want to expose themselves

This T-shirt is perfect for those people who want to expose their body more than to hide. If you are going to choose this fashion make sure your parents or not so worried about that.

  • Beach lovers got their perfect collection.

If you do not want to go to the beach without having the best collection you can just choose some kind of different which we are presenting here. This stuff can make your feet look something like cool, and now you are so happy on the beach.

  • When you prepare for medical line

Medical stream students have to go hard, and when this craving go insane, you might have some kind of this stuff we are presenting in the image.

If you are having the same fashion collection make sure that you are free from that atmosphere which contains children.

  • Your fantasies torture you.

Every person has its virtual zones and fantasies but what happens when your fantasies begin to torture you. The result may be something like this. Hope you are not so tortured by your fantasies.

  • Poor brand lover

We are confused about the exact terminology for this stuff. We hope that we will be known once if you get that thing exactly.

  • Ninja has a deep cold and fever.

Now you can enjoy your ninja dress even off your sickness. If you are a ninja, and you want to fight but you got cold, no worries because somebody has worked for you and presented something like this. So cheers!

  • No doubt to be an excellent nature lover

These sandals are proof for you that you are an excellent nature lover and you don’t want to be away from that. Now you can see that trees are your family if you are following the same fashion!

  • When you do not want to go your pants down

One of the weird fashion trends. Maybe someone played a prank for us but this man doesn’t care what is happening around and all he wants to be away from worry as he does not want to go his pants down at any cost.

  • Cats are our friend

The people who love cats very much may go for this kind of fashion. These pyjamas are especially for those who love cats more than them.

  • Shoes may make you late.

When you do not want to waste your time on removing your shoes, you may get this kind of stuff. Do keep in your mind always that you are away from your mother!

  • Again exposed to much.

This is another type of your craving for exposer. Yes, when you get a high wish to show what you get, exactly you do something like this.

  • Why people go for everything 

When you are okay with everything, you may go to have something like this. Well, not to say much more!

  • When people design the shoes themselves 

This is what when you want to design a pair of shoes but something goes seriously wrong.

  • Crazy fan

If you are a die-hard fan of any celebrity, you can choose something like this. Well, this is not a new thing because we have seen these kinds of fans before but anyway this is something which doesn’t work so nice. Maybe you get a little bit angry with this kind of fashion but anyway let it be and go what exactly you want.

  •  Flesh is not so worst.

 We eat flesh but have you ever thought that you could wear a jacket made from the flesh?  If you have not done anything like this just try something very new and adventurous.  This jacket is looking cool and cute and if you are wearing this make sure that your friends are comfortable with flesh.

  • When you don’t get something very perfectly

 If you want do you have something with the unique style, you may go for this kind of stuff.  They are looking nice, but their front is not so good as this may make the children scare.  So before having these pair of shoes make sure that you are away from the children.

  •  When you want two in one 

 This is the best example of two in one and for those people who want everything just at once are supposed to have such kind of thing. 

  •  Unable to explain 

 See this is a kind of stuff which we cannot explain as what exactly they are all about but if you are liking this thing we will recommend you to hold your cravings and stop going towards the direction of having this fashion.

  •  When you are confused about whether to eat or to wear

 Now you will have to think twice before having onions.  This passion makes you go crazy and confuse as if you may not be able to decide whether you have to eat onions or to wear them.

 We hope that you guys would have enjoyed the article.  Please let us know by your comments what you are going to choose in the next.