10 Weird Fashion Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Weird fashion life hacks-Being a girl isn’t easy and on top of that if you’re fashion savvy, its hard to maintain your mettle under the various challenging circumstances. The demons of painful blisters and sweaty patches are enough to wage a battle with our well-devised plans! But fret not ladies, this article is the absolute arsenal(that you need) to defeat those demons! We have compiled a simple DIY solution checklist so that you can bid a final adieu to all your fashion woes.

Weird Fashion Life Hacks

1. Tight Jeans

10 Weird Fashion Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

A little bit too much Ice-cream or a bit too much love shouldn’t ever prevent you from donning on those luscious pairs of jeans. Never, ever period

10 Weird Fashion Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

We are all and one for love and thus… grab a hair tie, wrap it around the button of your jeans and then loop it out through the buttonhole while winding it twice and then bind it to the button again.

And Wingardium Leviosa! We have added some extra space for some more indulgence!!!

2. Sweater Fuzz

Hiding lints on your fuzz definitely shouldn’t be one of your winters woes! Fuzz or lints on your favourite sweaters can cause a downpour on your fashion parade. All you have to do to prevent such catastrophe is to take a brand new razor and work it along the surface of the clothing affected by fuzz or you can take help of a Pumice stone and run it over the lints to bring back the sleek look.

3. Smooth Zippers

Already running late for work and to top that off, now your zipper refuses to glide up smoothly? The solution to this popular crux we encounter in our everyday lives lies in pencil. Rub the graphite tip on both lanes of the zipper to ensure an effortless movement. Your Boss may be harsh, but your zipper need not be!

4. Hard to clean heels

Heels are found not only to elevate your height but also to elevate your zeal! And anything less than shiny only results in a buzz-kill. In order to keep them pristine clean, wipe the insides and the outsides of the shoe with a baby-wipe. Shine on, girl.

5. Stinky Shoes?

Bacteria love warm, damp and dark places and our shoes are the optimal places for them to take the house which arouses the rancid smell from the feet.

One of the effective ways to get rid of such smell is to place some Feuillet sheets within the shoes.

Another cogent practice would be placing baking soda in baking cups and putting them inside the shoes for a day or two and you’re presented with a pair of smell-less shoes.

6. Clean White Shoes

Dirt patches on white sneakers or boots can topple your carefully curated ensemble!

Grab a used brush, put some toothpaste on that (preferably ones with a high content of Calcium Carbonate) and rub it along the discoloured spots and then wash it off with water.

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7. Cleaning Suede

Suedes are high maintenance and can easily lose the sheen they’re known for.

Using a nail-filer to efface the dirt will restore it to its previous glory!

8. Cleaning Silver

Ketchup not only make your french fries sing but also makes that silver ring shine.

All you have to do is to dab some ketchup onto a clean cloth and rub the silver ornament with it.

9. Sweat Patches

Perspiring is normal, but sweat leaving marks behind? that’s a big no-no!

Just attach a panty liner to the inside of your dress (especially under the armpits) and you’re off to a rocking start of your day.

10. Laundry Marks

Starchy white marks in your freshly laundered clothes isn’t a rare sight. A swipe of the baby wipe can is an easy remedy.

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It is recommended that after wiping it, you let it air dry for a minute or two, so you can get the suitable result.