What can you reveal about someone’s Personality at first sight?


They say the first impression is the last impression and judging someone at first sight with his habits is something tricky. It is necessary to create a virtual image of an individual’s personality to assume whether they are suitable for us or not maybe as a business partner or as a life partner? Based on the first meeting there are few common traits which are usually used to check for one’s behaviour. Here are the six personality traits mentioned in detail-

1) Trustworthy
Trust is the base of a healthy relationship, so the first thing which you will search for is that a person whom you are meeting is honest or not? Your 6th sense activates and starts giving you vibes from that person which in result will provide you the right answer.

2) Attractive
Depending on your choices you can quickly judge someone’s physical appearance. For instance, if you love blondes and if the person you are meeting is blonde then undoubtedly they will be a physical attraction for you. Based on a study, where people were allowed to see pictures of random people the first thing which they noticed were their physical appearance. In case of dating, Girls usually prefer those boys who have good earning capacity whereas boys prefer attractive girls.

3) Extrovert
While having an interaction with a person, the first thing you observe with the way of communication is their introvert or extrovert nature. Is a person shy or talkative is the most natural thing to capture their style, body language, and eye contact.

4) Neurotic
Behaviour such as avoiding a handshake, overall personal hygiene, regular habits such as nail biting, etc. can also be observed during the first interaction. And the first impression made on such basis is that the person is anxious or uncomfortable.

5) Competence
Researcher Alexander Todorov, based on his studies observed the several responses of people on different faces pictured in a photograph. Those images which consist of a look with thin lips and wrinkled eyes, such people are perceived as illustrious, intelligent, and resolute whereas that pictures which comprise of a baby-face were judged as physically weak, innocent, submissive, etc.

6) Openness
Body languages and gestures are the best way to decide this trait. If they are interested in you then their feet will be pointed towards you, arms should be relaxed, stiff shoulders, heads up facing towards you and maintaining an eye contact with you with standard or positive facial expressions whereas if they are not at all interested in you, then their behaviour will be reversed.