Have you ever thought that your fingernails could show the status of your health? Yes! Nails are the window to your overall health. With proper care, we tend to have healthy fingernails, but specific symptoms can be an indication of severe health issues, that we cannot.

John Anthony, MD, a dermatologist at the Clevland Clinic in Ohio and Debra Jaliman, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist and author of Skin Rules says that “there are certain nail symptoms that you should not ignore”.ote

Below we have listed some universal health warning signs that your fingernails depict:-

  1. Yellow Nails

What Does Your Fingernails Indicate About Your Health

Yellowish nails are the most common signs that our fingernails can indicate. The common cause of a yellow nail is the fungal infection. But, in rarest of the cases, it shows a serious health issue like diabetes, thyroid or lung disease. Dr. Anthony adds that smoking also can be of the reasons our nails turn yellow. You must quit smoking, if you see the yellowness in your nails, he further adds.

  1. Cracked or Brittle Nails

What Does Your Fingernails Indicate About Your Health

Due to the extreme dryness of the nail plate, nails start to crack. According to Dr. Jailman, this is one of the signs. Cracked or brittle nails also indicate thyroid disease. The doctor further explains that hypothyroidism sometimes can cause this side effect as well. Hypothyroidism is a condition, where the thyroid does not produce enough hormones.

  1. Pitted Nails

What Does Your Fingernails Indicate About Your Health

It is common for people who have psoriasis. MedicineNet says that it happens by the defective development of the layers of the nail plate. They further add that nail pitting can affect 50% of people who have psoriasis. Dr. Jailman suggests that one must speak to their doctor about this condition as soon as they identify the symptoms.

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  1. Rigged Nails

What Does Your Fingernails Indicate About Your Health

Dr. Anthony explains how this sign indicates trauma to your nails; he also adds that it can be because of any other severe illness if you see it on more than one nail. The reason behind is that your body works overtime to fight the disease. It saves the rest of the energy for your body. He adds that in basic terms, your body is saying ‘the nails are not important enough for energy.’

  1. Discolored or Dark lines beneath.

Melanoma causes discoloration of the nails; a dangerous type of skin cancer. Dr. Anthony adds to it that melanoma is extremely serious and can also create a black line or stripe on the nail. After noticing these signs, you must consult your doctor regarding this.

  1. Bitten Nails

According to Medical Daily paper, the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) classifies that“nail-biting as one of the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.” However, it is not essential that everyone who bites their nails has this disorder, but Dr. Jailman does explain that “when this habit becomes excessive, you should consult your doctor.”

  1. Bluish Nails

As explained by WebMD, bluish nails are the sign that your body is not getting enough oxygen. Possible health issues could be lung disease and heart disease. If the symptoms persist, you must consult your doctor.

  1. White Spots

What Does Your Fingernails Indicate About Your Health

White spots on our nails are not a sign of calcium deficiency. It is a myth that we have believed since the start. Dr. Anthony explains the right reasons behind it; he adds that the spots are often a sign of trauma such as hitting our fingers against something.


Do not neglect any of the signs.