What Your Lips Shape Say About Your Personality


What does your lip shape say about your personality? As we all know that our body parts play a vital role in conducting our personality and I mentioned earlier that there is a secret connection between the personality and the shape of our body parts.

We have seen that the size of our fingers reveals much about our personality and likewise the lines of palm do the same.

Now when you are too much aware of this fact that our body parts are conducting the personality, you should know something more. Lips are supposed as the most beautiful part of the face, but you should know that they have much about the health in their shape and size. Here, in this article, we will tell you what the colour of your lips says about your health.

What does your lip shape say about your personality?

  • Yellowish lips or Pale Lips

what does your lip shape say about your personality

You can guess from the name what this type of lips reveal about you and your personality. Pale lips are found due to the lack of enough red blood cells in our body.

They are the symbol of tiredness and fatigue, and they reveal that you are a person who feels tiredness very soon.

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  • Red Lips

We all like the red shade of lipstick, and if we see someone having natural red colour, we say awesome, but this is not awesome. If you have a natural red lips colour, you should go for the liver check up. You should not delay in consulting the doctor.

  • Purple Lips

If your lips are purple, you should go to consult your doctor for the checkup of the heart. This shade of lips tells that your heart is not healthy.

  • Dark red Lips

This shade of lips demonstrates towards the digestion problem. Your lips if having this shade, better you should improve your diet schedules.

  • The outline of lips is purple.

If your lips are purple from the outline, you should improve your life routine and lessen the stress level.

  • Pink Lips

These lips are the healthy one. If your lips shade is pink, you should be happy as you have no health issues.