Birth month can influences your personality-Our personality is an amalgamation of a multitude of factors that affect us. From the kind of environment we grew up in, in the type of upbringing we have from our parents, everything influences our character. Even the month in which you are born has a hand in determining your personality. Don’t believe us? Read on and check how many of your character traits match with the character traits of your birth month.

  • January – Focused and goal-oriented, you have a clear vision of life that makes you only connect with the people of the same intellectual level.
  • February – A hopeless romantic, you are a quirky thinker who is not everyone’s cup of tea. You believe in neither forgiving nor forgetting when it comes to betrayal.
  • March – Fun-loving and very social, you are a natural charmer. Even though you can turn on this charm in a jiffy, it is quite difficult for someone else to fascinate you. But when you do fall in love, you fall hard, and you fall forever.

How Your Birth Month Can Influences Your Personality?

How Your Birth Month Can Influences Your Personality?

  • April – For your trusted ones, you are very giving by nature. But you are best friends with the green-eyed monster as you get jealous on the drop of a hat.
  • May – You are a mix of an attractive personality with a loyal soul. The one who falls in love with you will be extremely lucky to have you.
  • June –A born adventurer, you are honest to the core, but you do resort to a bit of manipulation to get things done.

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  • July – You try to avoid situations that can turn into fights as much as you can, but you do not tolerate cheating at all.
  • August – Whatever be the situation, you cannot see yourself on the losing side, and you have to be on the winning side, by hook or by crook. You have a generous spirit.
  • September – You love stability in every situation, and you want things in a certain way only. If you decide to get revenge on someone who has wronged you, that person is in for a hell of a ride.

  • October – You are adept at concealing your emotions and feelings, and only those who are genuinely trusted by you are privy to your sentiments.
  • November – Everyone flocks to you for the great advice, but you have no patience for liars.
  • December – A born party-animal, you are resilient, but patience is not your strong point.