What The Shape Of Your Mouth Reveals About Your Personality


Lip shape-We all have lips which have a distinct shape and size. While lips are attractive, they can also reveal a lot about a person. There are specific factors about your lips that can tell you about your personality and health.

What lip shape says about your personality

1. Full Lips

Full lips are usually plumper, and it is seen as an attractive feature. Women with this lip shape are slight emotionally immature. They have a confident dispositionĀ and are independent. They can get whatever they want with the help of their willpower

2. Thin Lips

A lot of women have thin lips. This lip shape can indicate that a woman has a shy personality. They are considered as grounded and naturalists. They are quite successful in their lives.

3. Small Mouth

When the mouth and lips are smaller than the rest of the facial features, then it is called smallmouth. Women with smallmouth are considered to be generous, kind and loving. They are very picky about things and even people around them. This is the reason they have few, but loyal friends.

4. Wide Mouth

When the mouth and lips are wider than other facial features, then it is called a wide mouth. Woman having a wide mouth is talkative. They are quite active in the social circle and can make a lot of friends.