Find out what your palms say about your marriage


What your palms say about your marriage? Palmistry or chiromancy is also known as palm reading or chirology. It is a great way of foretelling the future through the study of one’s palms. Since time immemorial it is believed that our fate is written by God in our hands. Astrologists make use of the lines on our palm to tell us our future! One such information that you get is about your love life. Just follow these steps to find out about your married life:

What your palms say about your marriage

Find out what your palms say about your marriage

1) Combine your palms

Bring your palms together as shown in the picture above. Flatten your palms and join them in such a way that both the lines on either hand join together and forms a boat like a shape.
For best results, keep your palms straight and Avoid creases.
2) See the results!

After the above step, it’s now time to check the results.Based on the shape of the two lines which are joined, find out in which category do you lie.

• Lines of Same Height
It tells that you make cautious decisions. You are quite intelligent and well-organized in your life. You do not make a hasty or a careless decision. So, these qualities will show while you choose your partner. Your future life partner will be a well behaved and suitable for you as it will be your choice. You will share a great compatibility with each other.

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• Higher Line In Right Hand
You are wise and more mature than your age. You have an attractive and a charming personality. But as a disadvantage, you can even attract someone who is of not your age group. This is nothing to worry about because. in spite of the age gap, you are going to live freely with them.

• Higher Line In Left Hand
You are passionate, and your love knows no boundaries. You will love your partner unconditionally. You are independent, and your love is the truest and the purest.