Why Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women


We all dream of a perfect relationship, a perfect wedding, and a perfect married life since our childhood. Unfortunately, our dreams do not always come true. The harsh reality of the world shatters them. A passionate relationship can turn topsy-turvy with time.

No matter how strong marriage is, there can be circumstances when the relationship can be at risk. Many times, the husband falls in love with other women, and then, he doesn’t want to be with his wife. Divorce is likely to follow. Whether married or not, a woman wants to know why a husband cheats. We present seven reasons why a man is ready to leave his married life.

1. He likes happy women

Reasons Why Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women

Every man wishes that his woman remains happy. He tries his best to make her feel comfortable and cherished. But, if the woman fails to acknowledge his efforts or shows disinterest, he feels a void in his life. He doesn’t think that marriage is yielding any happiness and is forced to look for a new partner.

2. He can’t stand tears

Reasons Why Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women

There is one thing that a man can’t find hight disturbing, and that is ‘a crying woman’. When a woman cries in front of her husband, he feels weak, guilty and responsible. Men don’t like tears. They will try to look for someone who doesn’t whine all day but, helps him by being an equally responsible partner.

3. He is looking for something new


Most often, when men don’t find what they want in their wives, they start to look for other women. When they think of you as annoying, they are likely to search for extramarital affairs.


4. He is looking for a friend


A husband wants a wife who will always listen to him through thick-and-thin. Men like to have an understanding partner who can advise him without any judgment. Men want to have a friendly wife and, if the woman fails to be so, he looks for new friends who don’t judge them. In this process, they fall in love with a woman who has a friendly attitude.

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5. He likes independent women

Reasons Why Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women

When a man asks a woman to marry him, he wants you to be dependable on him. But, as time goes by, he asks you to be independent. It merely suggests that he is no more in love with you.

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6. Men like playing

Men like to show responsibility so that they gain the upper hand in the marriage. Playing games and doing stupid things is fun for them. If they feel that can’t find adventure in you, they will try to find new partners.

7. Because of his ego

Reasons Why Married Men Fall In Love With Other Women

‘Time changes everything’, an adage which goes back to the beginning of time. When people remain married for quite a long time, their love and feeling may fade away. They may not love each other as passionately as they did before. A man may want to feel the ‘spark’ again in his life. That is when he tries to look for another woman, with whom he can madly fall in love. He want’s to feel young and energetic again.