Your Guide To Ravishing Vintage Eye Makeup From The 60’s


Eye makeup from the 60’s-Sure, the smokey and cut crease is in, and we love them for the dramatic look they give to our eyes, but I think we can all agree that nothing (and I mean NOTHING screams drama like the eye makeup from the 60’s

However, putting on that thick eyeliner and long lashes sure can be intimidating. But, if you’re one of those DIY enthusiasts, or don’t want to waste your buck at the salon, we have just the thing for you, my friend.

In just four easy steps, you’re going to slay with those stunning vintage eyes.

Eye Makeup From The 60’s


Eye makeup from the 60's


The first weapon is your eyeliner

So grab your favorite and on we go.

Step 1: Grab your colorful eye-shadow kit.

You’ll also want your eye primer, mascara, and a few Q-tips.

If you wish to, you may just leave it here.

or you can fill some bright eye-shadow in the gaps.

Step 2: Select a light shade from your eye-shadow kit.


Step 3: Apply the shadow dark on the outer edges and lighter as you move inside.

Step 4: Blend the lines of the eye-liner with the eye-shadow using a pencil brush.

And now you’re ready to take the world on!