Which crime are you most likely to commit based on your zodic sign!


Based on your date of birth, you are more likely to commit certain crimes more than the other. Read on to know more.

Here is the list of zodiac signs that commit a crime


Zodiac signs that commit a crime

These people are confident souls and have a high degree of self-belief. They have high regard for themselves and can be self-involved to a huge extent.

Zodiac sign that commits a crime

These are the zodiac signs that commit a crime out of revenge in a way that it teaches the person who hurt them a lesson. They would torture someone more than killing them.


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Stubborn people as they are, they value loyalty more than anything else. They stick to their belief and are very ferocious. They are courageous and bold by nature. They are brilliant souls.

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These people can be serial killers, and they would want to eliminate people briskly to prove their point. They have their style which is motivated by their skill and stubbornness.


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Cancers can be protective of their loved ones. They can go to extremities for the same. They are calm but can be a beast at their worst mood.

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They are, therefore, highly inclined to become hired hitmen. They would know exactly how to protect those they care about and yet eliminate those who pose a threat. Being hired hitmen would also ensure that they make a lot of money while committing a crime.

These people can become great hitmen. They can protect their loved ones and strike out anyone who does anything evil to them. They do make a lot of money when they commit such crimes.


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Leos are perfectionists and are great with minute details. They play it cautious and are inclined towards the intricacies that life has to bring.

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Leos are ideal and highly organized psycho killers. these are the zodiac signs that commits a crime. They plan everything well, and they can easily get away with anything.


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They are bold people who don’t care about what others think. They live more extensive than what life can offer, and they like leading.

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Virgos can be the boss of a group or gang. They can rule streets, and no one would dare cross their turf.


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Libras are cunning and alert people. They understand people well and can manipulate them easily.
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Libras would make great spies. They can be behind bars for stealing secrets as they are too smart to discover a hidden path.


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They are highly skilled people who are great at adapting to various circumstances. They are ninjas when its time to blend in and are very sharp in their head.

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Scorpions can be great assassins, and they can hide their true identity well. They are pretty adaptive, and they can make a murder work out exactly how they planned it.


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They plan well and can figure out complexities very easily. They can think differently and come up with creative solutions.
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Saggitarians can pull off a heist very well. They can plan easily and break through various obstacles. They won’t be just nice at it but do it with their charm.


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These guys are great at multi-tasking and train their minds to focus on various things at once. They can shuffle between topics and still excel in each one of them.

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Capricorns end up being crime lords having empires which do all sorts of crime whenever they can.


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A different kind of human. They go out of the way to protect their loved one. They have their own set of ideas and are visionaries.
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These kinds make good cult leaders who command people to act upon their thoughts. They would often send out their words, and their followers would have to go about it.


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Pisces people keep quiet about their true beliefs. They have a lot running in their head, and they like keeping a low profile.

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These are the zodiac signs that commit a crime & that makes them great international criminals. They are too smart to hide and keep a low profile. Their effect would be perceived but never be tracked.