Interior Design Concepts-When you attend a fancy party with a lavish furnishing or your eyes stumble upon new home decor, you feel the impulse to add the interior to your home. However, after some time, you regret the decision and the interior starts to annoy you.

Banter has collected 10+ Home Interiors, misfits, from the internet. We hope you will consider twice before renovating your house after reading this article.

10+ Interior Design Concepts That Did Not Live Up To Expectations

It is fair enough to design each room as per its purpose and the person who will reside in it. However, that does not mean that every room in your house should look completely different from each other. After all, it’s a home and not a circus with different themes. There must exist an aesthetic unity among all the rooms which will bring harmony to your home. Too many differences pave a way to annoyance.

2. Shower stalls

10+ Interior Design Concepts That Did Not Live Up To Expectations

When designing the interior of your home, you need to be a step ahead while adding any items. Nowadays, simplicity is in demand. So, if you are planning to design your washroom, make sure you do not buy those large shower stalls that take almost all the space. A simple and elegant glass booth would be perfect.

3. Kids Room

10+ Interior Design Concepts That Did Not Live Up To Expectations

Kids grow, and they always change their minds about stuff. So it is not economically wise to add costly items into their rooms. Your kids might not be okay with the interior you choose for them when they grow up. You need to design their places in such a way that the style will last for a longer period. This way, you won’t be spending money incessantly on new things as your children mature.

4. Giant Cabinets

10+ Interior Design Concepts That Did Not Live Up To Expectations

Gone are the days when you needed a giant cabinet to keep your TV set. They take a lot of space and often end up looking like a mess. You can mount your TV on the wall and add some small nightstands beneath it. Not only does this seemingly simple, sleek and elegant, but it’s cheaper and easy to clean as well.

5. Glass-Top Tables

Glass tables might look delicately stylish, but they are losing their trend. If you have kids, these tables can pose a risk. They break on the slightest blow and shatter into pieces. Cleaning a glass-top table is tedious as it retains a lot of fingerprints when touched. If you like to make your room look bright, try to buy tables that are glossy but not made of glass.

6. Prints-and-Pictures Furniture

Furniture that comes with detailed patterns or pictures may look fancy but, it doesn’t suit a house. Simplicity adds grace to everything and furniture is no exception. Try adding solid-colored furniture into your home. You can add slight decorative hues if you want to.

7. Prints and Pictures on Everything

Printed wallpapers, photos of animals, optical illusions, charts, and the jumbled stuff, these are only good for a hostel room. However, when somebody enters your house and finds cheap stuff attached to your walls and ceilings, it will attract much attention and cast doubt on your choices. Decorate your rooms with traditional designs that will blend with everything inside them.

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8. Too much Beige Tones

It is okay to add lovely beige tones to your bedrooms, but not to every room. Beige tones may appear calm and soothing, however, after sometimes, you will get bored of it. If you like warm colors, make sure you add bright details in the room as well.

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9. Following every trend

Keeping up with everything that is trending can have a heavy toll on your finances. Fashion changes now and then and you cannot just add any item that comes into the market. All you need is foresight so that when you buy stuff, it lasts at least a couple of years before you decide to add anything new.

10. Wrong use of Curtains


Curtains are meant to adorn your windows and not to hide your stuff. If you hide your clothes under drapes, it gives a wrong and careless impression. Always keep your fabrics inside the wardrobes or else put them on open shelves.

11. Neon Lights

Unless you are planning to make your house a bar or a dance club, you should not add those fancy neon lights to every corner of your home. You can always add some temporary hanging garlands for parties or to create a decorative tone for your house.

12. Jumbled Balcony

Balconies are not meant for storing or dumping your stuff. It is not a storage closet. Small and cozy balconies can be the perfect places to chat or spend some quality time with your friends and family. Adorn it with cute little chairs and vases.

13. Minimal color

Most interior design experts recommend adding neutral colors along with some subtle details to your rooms. Decorating your house interior with two or more sharp colors can be distracting to the eyes. On the other hand, a monotonous and dull tone will make your home look incredibly boring.

14. A TV in a frame

Last but not the least, it is a bad idea to put your TV set in a lavish and expensive frame. This trend was perhaps the fashion of the 20th century rich people. Back then, owning a TV was considered a luxury. Today, TV’s come with attachments where you can move or even hide it whenever needed.


I hope you have not made any such mistakes as well. If your friends are planning to design their interiors, don’t forget to share this article with them.