Some Tricks Of Self-Defence That Will Save Your Life


Self defense tricks-Self-defense become an integral part of the human body. We always see different news or reports on TVs, the internet or other social media mediums. Uncertainty can ever come into our life without knocking on our door. So we should learn some techniques by which we can defend ourselves in any critical situation.

The below-written article will help you to learn some tips and techniques which will help you to come out of any predicament.

How to clench your hands?

Self defense tricks every woman needs to know

These days self-defense is not only crucial for girls, but it is important for boys as well. Here we will tell you to clench your hands automatically in a correct manner. When we have to punch someone our hands automatically turns into a fist before the blow. When are you going to make a fist remember then do not hurt your fingers? While making a fist do not show your thumb outside and also don’t hide inside your fingers. Keeping thumb inside the hand will lead you to fracture.

Remember The Vulnerable Areas

Self defense tricks every woman needs to know

You should remember the sensitive or in danger areas of the human body. In an emergency, you can use these tricks to save yourself. Kick the attacker on sensitive areas as swiftly as you can. In these types of situations, you don’t have so much time to think about what to do.

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Set A Code Word.

Self defense tricks every woman needs to know

When we were children, we used to set code words or code languages. Do you ever think that these simple tricks can save your life? We know that nobody gets a chance to call or text in unpleasant situations. There is a function in mobile phones, i.e. an encrypted SOS. It helps you to tell about your predicament.

Keep your pepper spray in the right place.

Self defense tricks every woman needs to know

Assaults or mishappenings come unexpectedly. So you have to keep your pepper spray or other self-defense tools in your pocket instead of keeping them in your bag. Because the kit contains so many things and in case of an emergency it is unable to find them. Keep your stuff at that place from where you can see things very quickly.

In an elevator

Never go in a bin with an unknown person. If any stranger comes inside the lift after you then it’s better for you to leave the lifting. In case you don’t get a chance to move the elevator then stand straight near the wall of buttons so that if any critical situation occurs then you can press the buttons and stop the lift.

How to protect yourself in a car?

Before getting any taxi or any lift from strangers do check the number, color of the car. The first rule is not to go in the car with an unknown person. But if you go to any situation then do check all these things and tell them to your parents or friends etc. If any mishappening still occurs with all these precautions then go for vulnerable areas or use pepper spray.

If someone grabs you from hairs.

The attackers mostly attack girls from their hairs. They know pulling the hairs are most painful. When someone snatches our noses, we lost the whole control over our bodies. We have a technique for you to save yourself in these situations. Don’t panic hold the attacker’s hand with both sides and then kick him with your feet on his sensitive area.

We will be grateful if you feel like you learned something after reading this article.