Are you a great writer?

You have loved to play with the A’s and B’s, the click clacks of the keyboard, paper, pen, ink, and crumbled papers. You have always been a literary mess regardless of where you find yourself. You prefer writing to speaking; you feel as if you were born differently. Well, to be reasonably honest, you are. You feel like writing flows in your DNA. However, you are constantly wondering if you make a good writer?

Here are ten signs that you are a good writer.

You are an avid reader- you value a good article.

You will constantly hear this phrase amongst writers, “a good reader makes a great writer”. Well, it is very accurate. Writers treat reading as an apprenticeship, where you get to learn and build your mastery of language and even get a ‘voice’ of your own.

Reading other writers’ work gives direction to your own pieces. As a writer, reading is like track practice for an athlete. All the experience and answers you might need as a writer lie within the pages of books and articles.

However, when your taste in writing is refined, it sets you apart from those who just read for the sake of it. As a good writer, it is better if your taste in reading material was refined in your earlier days before you even knew you wanted to be a writer yourself.

So if you are constantly attracted to literature and love reading even if the article requires translation, you, my friend, are a good writer!

Your mind is an endless swirl of ideas.

Your phone notes app is full of ideas, and you are constantly coming up with new topics. These ideas are very random, and they vary widely that you sometimes can not capture all of them in your note’s app or notebook-if you are the analog writer. You are constantly thinking of brilliant words and phrases to use in your work.

If your notes app is your most used app, and it is full of words, sentences, and paragraphs, you are definitely a good writer. You are constantly challenging yourself with new ideas, and you find this practice to be the best.

You’d rather write it down than say it

Your brand and voice lie in your writing power.

This makes you unique as a writer, and you have the ability to think about an idea from different perspectives and angles. You are not like everybody else; you appreciate that all the time spent overthinking and creating scenarios in your mind was, in actuality, you are practicing your writing.

You always avoid the toll-free line of customer service and opt to email or the comment section. Your gift cards and birthday cards have more than just the typical “congratulations” or “happy birthday”; they carry witty messages and occasionally a poem.

You are always writing something.

You have a demanding job that keeps you busy throughout the week and sometimes eats into your weekends, but you always find time to squeeze in your writing. If asked to choose something to carry along on a deserted island, you would pick a pen, paper, and book to read. There is always something to write with or in your bag, on your desk, on your nightstand. Bizarre ideas are always creeping up in your mind, and you constantly feel the urge to take notes. You do not buy term papers online but work on them by yourself. You are special. You are a great writer!

You are constantly milking stories from within every experience

A good and reliable writer always finds narratives in the books they read and form around them.

That one time, you turned and smiled at that little child at the mall. Why did you do that? Did it spark and ignite an old memory from your childhood? Or was it about the rounds you’d make to the candy shop with your mom as a kid?

Memories constantly bring creative ideas, memories that include those of family, friends, and random strangers you have met in your lifetime. That classmate who got bullied in elementary school? What struggles did he face? The first girlfriend you had, the first kiss at the drive-through- what memories do you harbor?

Does this sound like you? If yes, then you better start writing that memoir.

You are dangerously curious.

You constantly are aware of your surroundings and tend to convert everything into words. You are sensitive and very emotional, and this trait keeps you curious. Just like a journalist, you are curious but not nosy in the wrong way. You notice even the most minor things that people overlook. You can’t seem to forget detail; you love the detail, and you tend to find meaning in everything. You never let go quickly.

You are adventurous

Your mind is never at the same place for long. You enjoy the thrill that comes with creating scenarios in your head, scenarios that you constantly try to paint using words. You might be accused of being distracted and shifty by your superiors or friends. Switching through different parallel realities keeps you alive.

Your journals mean the world to you.

You love journaling, and your journals mean the world to you. You would rather have your clothes stripped off your back than have your journals discarded. You are so attached to every single page that has a sentence or even a word you wrote. To lose your journals and notebooks would really be dreadful.

You find peace in writing.

Writing is therapeutic to you. Whenever you are troubled, depressed, or feeling lonely, you always end up clicking away on your keyboard or filling up your notebooks and journals. If you go a day without writing something down, you go crazy; your peace of mind lies in words. Your drug is writing.

You are a daydreamer, and you fantasize a lot.

A good writer fantasizes more than usual. If you are constantly daydreaming, whether at will or unconsciously, you possess a great writer’s primary attribute, pick up pen and paper and write away!

Here are some ideas to think about and muse over during your daydreaming sessions;

  • A beautiful childhood memory
  • Living in a studio apartment with exposed brick and floor to ceiling bookshelves
  • A day at Hogwarts
  • That week at summer camp

If you had already thought about these, then there is no doubt you are a talented creative able to tap from their stream of consciousness.


If you found any of these signs familiar, then welcome aboard. You are a brilliant writer. Do not fear to reveal the vulnerable side of your work, given most of these signs are personal attributes.

Author’s Bio

Carl Hill is a seasoned content writer and reviewer. He loves researching contemporary literature and comparative literature. He spends his days clicking away on his keyboard while drinking too much coffee.