12 Best tricks for maintaining your Feet’s


In the present day where everyone is running short of time, no one can take extra care of their feet’s as it is time-consuming. Here we have mentioned twelve best hacks which can help in maintaining your feet in a better way without giving additional time. Just follow these simple tricks to care and maintain your feet’s:

1) Foot Bath in Baking Soda
Mix 3-4 spoons of baking soda per litre of water and dip your feet in this solution. It will provide your feet relaxation.

2) Tape your toes together
Taping your second and third toes together with a thicker tape can help in reducing pain which is caused by wearing shoes or heels throughout the day.

3) Shining your Sneakers
Toothpaste is the best solution for shining the sneakers once again.

4) Getting rid of foul smells
Placing a dry tea bag in your shoes for the whole night can remove all the foul smells by the next morning.

5) Avoiding blisters while jogging
Lacing till the topmost holes present in sport’s shoes can help in avoiding blisters while jogging.

6) White vinegar to clean salt stains
Applying a mixture of water and vinegar on the footwear and remove the stains from it.

7) Loosen up tight shoes
Fill a water in a sealed bag and place these bags in your footwear. Now place your footwear in the freezer for overnight. This can loosen up your tight shoes.

8) Making shoes waterproof
Take a wax candle and a hairdryer. Rub the candle over your shoes and dry it with the help of a hairdryer. This can cover your footwear with a thin layer of wax which turns your footwear into a waterproof one.

9) Classy Trick
Make a solution of lemon juice and water. Apply this solution on the stains with the help of cotton balls. This can help in removing stains from footwear.

10) Avoiding Newspaper
Avoid using a newspaper for wiping off your shoes as it can leave ink prints on your footwear which can be difficult to remove.

11) Sandpaper + suede
For removing stains from suede shoes one must use fine-grained sandpaper.

12) For better grip
Use the similar fine-grained sandpaper and rub it on the soul of your footwear. This will provide a better grip.